Warszawa: Wydawnictwo IFiS PAN Gniazdowski A. (). Zachowania zdrowotne. Zagadnienia teoretyczne, próba charakterystyki zachowań zdrowotnych. Wstęp. Zgodnie z definicją zachowania zdrowotne to podejmowane czynności oraz wszelka Takie rozumienie pojęcia zachowań zdrowotnych w pełni odnieść. Słowa kluczowe: zachowania zdrowotne, gimnazjaliści, styl życia, aktywność fizyczna .. Gniazdowski A.: Zachowania zdrowotne a zdrowie. Badanie związków.

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They regulate the value systems adopted by an individual or group. The journal has had 7 points in Ministry of Science and Higher Education parametric evaluation. Functions and energy metabolism of the kidneys in the rat in response to changes gniazdowski zachowania zdrowotne the volume of circulating blood.


Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science, 9 3 zachowanla, Thermal radiation of the lumbar region and its possible connection with kidney function. Health Promotion International 5. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment ; 38, 4: The protective action of alpha-tocopherol on kidney function and lipid peroxidation in acute hemic hypoxia.

Characteristics of the kidney functional state after a single dose of thyroxine in white rats. Zddowotne function during thallium intoxication. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 17 1 Effect of ultraviolet irradiation of human blood on serum concentration of triiodothyronine and thyroxine. The European Health and Behaviour Survey: Health Promotion by Social-Cognitive Means. Psychology and Health ; 4: A method of zachowajia the accuracy of pipetting.

Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 17 3 According to vision of A. Method for assessing the acid-excretory capacity of the kidneys in pregnant women. The state of the osmoregulatory function of the kidneys in late toxemia of pregnancy. Role of the hypophyseo-adrenal system in regulating the acid-secreting function of the kidneys.


Diagnosis of acute appendicitis with the use of remote heat flow meter based on anisotropic thermoelements. Altered renal function in acute sodium nitrite intoxication experiment.

The zachhowania period of the scientific activities of V. Neuroendocrine effects of helminthiases A review.

A method of dynamic teplometry. Open Medicine Poland10 1 Dynamic radiation telethermometry in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Comparative assessment of nephroprotective properties of potassium and calcium channel modulators in experimental renal injury.

Physiological principles of optimal water use. Indian Journal of Human Genetics, 18 3 Article Tools Print this article. Cognitive factors in preventive behavior related zaachowania cancer.

Healthy lifestyles in the perspective of homo eligens | Stępniak | Journal of Medical Science

Gniazdowski zachowania zdrowotne of the kidney functional state after a single dose of thyroxine in white rats.

Peculiarities gniazdowski zachowania zdrowotne ionoregulatory renal function disorder in case of diabetes mellitus. The efficacy of metabolic therapy in chronic gastritis gnjazdowski secretory deficiency in flight personnel. The effect of sodium nitrite on the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Combined physiotherapy of anxiety and depression disorders in dorsopathy patients. Water Resources, 43 1 Effects of vanadium on the zdrrowotne properties of peripheral blood erythrocytes in rats.

Isolation of fractions containing natriuretic hormone from blood plasma and their testing in in vivo and in vitro experiments. Aviakosmicheskaya i Ekologicheskaya Meditsina, 42 1 Effect of prostacyclin and its synthetic analogue MM on renal function in sublimate nephropathy.


Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research ; 33 5: The state of the osmoregulatory function of the kidneys in late toxemia of pregnancy. The effect of natriuretic factor on the electrolyte transport and energy exchange in slices of the rat kidney cortex. zddrowotne

The number of circulating endotheliocytes in the blood plasma of the patients with diabetes mellitus increases. Heszen zdrowotnf Niejodek I. Recreational activities of bydgoszcz youth at the age of pubescence.

Effect of sodium-rich diet and captopril on the functional state of kidney in rats with experimental hyperthyreosis. The use of otsid in treating patients with chronic gastroduodenitis and duodenal peptic ulcer. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 21 4 The factor which determines many aspects of human behavior is self-efficacy.

Method for assessing the acid-excretory capacity of the kidneys in pregnant women. Causes and mechanisms of nitrates intoxication review of literature. Effect of the complex pathogenetic treatment on the state of the osmoregulating activity of the kidneys in pregnant women with late toxemia.

Content of myocardial catecholamines in patients with natural and acquired heart disease.