GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source image editing program, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. It can be used for editing. Add {{User gimp}} to your user page to add the above userbox and place yourself in this category. Pages in category “GIMP users”. More recent additions, More. To assemble two (or more) images, simply create a new, transparent image of the required size, then open the images you want to add as layers and arrange.

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To save it in a format you can view in a browser or slideshow program, select the appropriate extension when you save the image and confirm that the file should be exported, losing the separation between layers in the process.

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There’s probably a whole range of layers by now, since each block of text and each speech bubble you created added one or more new layer. At this stage, you can experiment a little bit to add some variety among the different speech bubble shapes you have. The effects of the Clone tool on transparency are a bit complicated. The possible components are: Here’s short and then long description about everything there:.


Now that you have the speech bubble filled, you can add a black or any other colour border to it. This effect will not leave a side of the image left unblurred and may have an even wikubook satisfying final result with proper adjustment.

Since regular patterns have a very small bandwidth in the image’s spectrum, a simple and effective technique for dealing with these problems is to identify the interfering features in the power spectrum image produced by Fourier analysis, eliminate them, and convert back to image space.

Retrieved from ” https: Colour of the text, default is black. Windows includes ZIP support by default. This step isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s a good idea that could save you from repeating steps if something goes horribly wrong.

Clicking on any of these allows to change it. Even though the program’s layout updates instantly. See Rectangle Selection for wikiboook about the tool as everything works completely or almost completely the same.

It is wikbook double extension. A nice example of this in Adobe Photoshop is available at [1]. After enabling this option, the starting point is used as the centre of the selection instead of using it as a corner.

The lower this value is the more compression you’ll attain, at a cost to visual quality.

GIMP/Assemble Images

Start at the default and adjust to the best compromise for the image. You can also move paths with this tool. Policies and guidelines Contact us.


This is useful for non-destructively deleting part of a layer, or only wikibolk part of a layer visible. Then take the 3 pictures without moving the camera in between shots, preferable with a remote to avoid pressing the shutter button.


Keep in mind, a channel can still be edited even if it is not displayed. Remember to press Enter after finishing the selection, or you could actually loose it.

You can find out a lot more about GIMP on its website, http: Another possibility is to use the paintbrush tool wikiobok a mid-grey colour in hexadecimal notation. This tool can be used to simulate setting a white point. The X key has the same effect. Changing these will change the overall subjective quality of the image.

By clicking on the tool icon in Toolbox. It has some features of lasso, some features of paths tool and some of its own. Now you can gijp your text with the Rectangular selection tool.

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They push each other around. These settings alter the actual image to help with compression. H yper t ext M arkup L anguage.