HMDA draft master plan map. HMDA master plan map (Telangana – India) to print. HMDA master plan map (Telangana – India) to download. Revised Development Plan (Master Plan) of Erstwhile Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad Area (HMDA Core Area). Circle wise Maps/PDFs Download. 1. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority’s (HMDA) master plan, proposed during May , finally got approved by the state government in the last.

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If it is a hamlet of one of the 84 villages in prohibited catchment area, HMDA is correct in showing it as bio-conservation zone.

Sir can I buy 16acres land at Janwada village shankar pally. Hi capt Good to see the you are helping many in jaster awarenessi have a query from my side.

HMDA’s plans will cover four districts – The Hindu

Capt J Rama Rao October 18, at 9: Capt J Rama Rao’s Blog. The painful and unpleasant conclusion is that the State Administration seems to have mmaster its credibility in the eyes of the Public, as it does not seem to be serious to implement the G.

Anonymous June 26, at After construction can goverment acquire proprty for road? I wanted to know if this area comes under any kind of restrictions and will there be any legal hurdles to do any construction in this area. As stated in the Blog Item, the G. It provides a tool for the authorities to take decision with regard to current and future development related issues.

This is a public forum. We have applied for LRS. The plans offer futuristic solutions by laying down agenda for its growth and development. Our only worry is if HMDA changes its plan and lay maater through this survey numbers.


In addition, it provides options for accommodating the future addition to population which is likely to come to the urban centre due to natural growth and migration. Indiadream Property August 4, at 9: I don’t have any intention to build any commercial building here, it is solely for me and my family. The revised master plan makes provisions for an estimated population of around 60 lakh by with adequate reservation for future residential zones and related amenity areas.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Hi Rama Rao 2301, Greetings!!! I amy not be able to respond to your question as it relates to Real Estate transactionswith whic I am not familiar.

On 19 February Plus people always think that govt will relax the rule in future to their benefit, even if it is violated now. Please see the reply to the earlier comment which is identical to that of yours. Anonymous September 4, at I will find RTI as suggested. As of now only 2 financial institutions provides loan for this house.

Spread over 42 sq.

HMDA’s 2031 plans will cover four districts

Any information will be very helpful. Citizens can submit their suggestions and objections, if any, to the HMDA between December 18, and February 18, I recently saw some big houses constructed near my plot. But unfortunately they are neither being observed in ORR-GC, nor being enforced by the concerned agencies In the light of the above, why do you want to opt for the purchase of of the problematic plot inviting troubles.

Even if Khanapur becomes a Municipalityit continues to be in prohibited catchment area of the two water bodies and provisions of G. The Education Hub at Jawaharnagar on the city outskirts, with focus on world-class graduate and postgraduate education, apart from an Eco Park on 85 acres at Kothwalguda was discussed by the board.


Capt J Rama Rao February 22, at Hi Sri-V, Have you purchased land in this venture. Anonymous October 14, at Sir, I’m planning to take a plot at Khanapur village. The plan is used for promoting integrated development of the urban centre by rationalizing its pattern of land use and their interrelationship. Is it not the responsibility of the Planning office to provide the information whether the supposed 60 mtrs road is passing through my piece of land?

Open buffer must for all properties abutting ORR. Let me know what are the future problems that may arise or is it safe to buy this property.

Rajesh Paidy December 14, at Suggest that you contact HMDA for any further clarification. Capt J Rama Rao September 20, at 5: The Chief Minister wanted the ongoing works, including lake preservation, development and beautification, radial roads, etc.

I have checked sale deed and encumbrance certificate and it is perfect. Anonymous July 26, at 3: Wait for the official response and can then take a decision by consulting your trusted friends. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: We all know that there is huge water problem in the catchment area and we also know that there are thousands of middle class people who bought lands over for their future generations.

You can find the location of property at this link ahttp: