GESTRA components for steam boiler equipment. The components from our SPECTORmodul series are now also available on the ePLAN Data Portal. Description. Thermostatic steam trap with corrosion- resistant membrane regulator (thermostatic capsule) unaffected by waterhammer. Integral Y-type strainer. GESTRA Steam Systems. MK MK Description. Thermostatic steam trap with membrane regulator. Corrosion-resistant thermostatic capsule unaffected.

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Brownall Winn Univent Valves. Floreg Isolating Ball Valves. Kinetrol Actuators and Accessories. Pegler Cast Iron Commissioning Valves. Crane Prv and Tcv. Reliable shut-off in high-pressure steam systems makes very high demands on design and material.

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Thermostatic steam traps MK 45/45A

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GESTRA is a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. Danfoss Auto Hydronic Balancing Valves. No accidents at work!

MK 45/46 – Gestra

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