Heyer wrote The Masqueraders, a cross-dressing gender romance with plenty of sword duels, while living in Africa with her then-engineer. Georgette Heyer wrote a very large number of novels. To those who haven’t read them, and simply judge them by their covers, from all their. Inquiring readers: I have no doubt you shall enjoy this review of Georgette Heyer’s The Masqueraders by my good friend, Lady Anne, an expert.

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In the first few pages of the novel we are introduced to a brother and sister on their way to London to meet their father. Markham, meanwhile, has obtained a document that could send the Old Gentleman to the gallows maaqueraders proving he is a Jacobite.

The Masqueraders : Heyer, Georgette : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Such a happy accident! Gifting of the Kindle edition at the Kindle MatchBook price is not available. To escape detection, the Viscount sends his offspring on the road to London, each masquerading as the opposite sex.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Is the proof of the pudding her huge male as well as female fan base though I have noticed men are occasionally sheepish about admitting to be an admirer — possibly because of the covers … Like Liked by 1 person.

Gender performativity at its best: Georgette Heyer’s The Masqueraders

The trade paperback sized volume, with new cover artwork, is gorgeous and suits the story well. Shipment to continental US and Canadian addresses only. Books by Georgette Heyer. I just loved this book!

The Masqueraders

I really enjoyed the cross-dressing aspect of it, and the confusion it caused Like Like. Many thanks to the talented Georgette Heyer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a beginner? Robin made me laugh so much when he was acting Miss Merriot!!


But Letty has realized that Markham is an unkind brute and is trying to back out. Merriot gets butterflies for the gentleman that comes to her rescue a few moments later. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The pair is invited to a masked ball, and while “Kate” lies ill at home, Robin puts on a mask and attends the ball as a man, introducing himself to Letitia as “L’inconnu” to woo her.

Their infamous adventurer father has taught Prudence and her brother Robin to be masters of disguise.

The tone and style are so different from the other Heyers I also love. I love this book so much.

Her last book, My Lord John, was published posthumously in It is set in Britain at a time shortly after the Jacobite rising and is concerned with a family of adventurers and escaped Jacobites.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. I’ll round it up to 3. I just finished reading The Masqueraders and found Fanshawe a wonderful character, full of dry wit, and Prue and Robin equally fun. The story holds adventure, witty society, an amazing father that appears near the end to establish a future for his children.

Gender performativity at its best: Georgette Heyer’s The Masqueraders – Kate Macdonald

Of course, I read all of them over a lot! Robin and Letitia’s is interesting only for Robin’s impostiture and his romantic rescues. This was my first time reading this Heyer, and I must confess the premise wore thin for me; I skipped over several chapters at the end to read the ending once I masquerraders where masqueeraders was headed.

I am intrigued why they would do this. But, large as he is, there is more to Tony Fanshawe than meets the eye. He ruins the book for me. Peter aka Prudence becomes a member of White’s and becomes great friends with Mr.

The Masqueraders is one of the former, in which gentlemen of the upper classes spend as much time fussing over their appearance as women do, and spend their leisure time frivolling, playing cards, gossiping and laying bets. Although I liked Prudence and Robin very much and their roguish, arrogant fatherI wasn’t as enthralled by this book as by The Grand Sophy or Sylvester.


This novel is filled with historical data pertaining to the aftermath of the Jacobite Rebellion of —the sort of topical information you’d hear in society being discussed because it’s still georgettte a new occurrence.

I have read about 20 of her books, and each is better than the last. With two young people trying to navigate the ton as the wrong sex without doing anything too too improper and that very clever and conceited father pulling everyone’s strings, the adventures keep coming.

Prudence is cautious, and has a very cool head. Heyer wrote this novel when she was quite young, but although in some ways it betrays her youth it also reveals her promise. The Masqueraders is one of my many Heyer favorites. Yes I too found this confusing when I first read it but then became masquerqders by the sheer romance of it all.

There is also their father to consider, the master masquerader with delusions of grandeur. A delightful romp through the elite saloons and clubs of London around My kids would say he’s ‘a legend in his own lunchtime’.

Not Heyer’s best, frequently confusing, and half the romance gave me a headahce. This sounds great too. Winners will be announced on Saturday, September 7th, Thus the narrator is presented with rather a difficult task.