Gelek Rinpoche (—) was born in Tibet and studied at Drepung Monastery and later in India, where he gained his lharampa geshe degree. After publishing . Gelek Rinpoche () was born in Tibet and studied at Drepung Monastery and later in India, where he gained his lharampa geshe degree. Dallas, Texas: Steve Gottleib. We Tibetans like to eat meat. We don’t care if it’s healthy or not—we like it. Basically, eating meat is a negative. It’s not great. In the .

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His Eminence Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche of Drepung Loseling Monastery

Rinpoche also talks about his early life in his book Good Life, Good Death. We would all meet there for a sort of winter retreat for a month, to study specifically Buddhist logic.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Geshe Pal Tsering Home Truths: I have no doubt it will be, if not better, at least of equal standard with Tricycle or Shambala Sun. What do you do with Jewel Heart?

The Power of Place Retreat Lung: His Holiness the Karmapa speaks Pilgrimage: Maximum size is 64MB. History in the making Buddhist Psychology? A compassionate heart Journey to Sikkim Letter from Bodhgaya: He rinpkche over interviews in compiling an oral history of the fall of Tibet to the Communist Chinese.


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Rinpoche was also instrumental in forming organizations that would share the great wisdom of Tibet with the outside world. So I also gave this initiation in Tushita in Dharamsala. A notice on his Facebook page advised that Gelek Rinpoche had passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

I belong to Drukpa Kagyud but, I have been working under few great Gelukpa Rinpoche for which I am very proud of that. That was the beginning of a seven-year collaboration between Rinpoche and Tushita.

Username or Email Address. Retrieved 11 September The influential Tibetan teacher and respected author Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche, a tulku in the Gelugpa school of Vajrayan Buddhism has died.

Gelek Rinpoche – Mandala Publications

His personal name was Gelke kyabje and rimpocheare titles meaning “teacher” lit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 1 October Children helping children Tsunami disaster: Beat-poet Allen Ginsberg was among the more prominent of Jewel Heart’s members. Photo courtesy of Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is not at all a rinpocye thing that I did, [to disrobe]. Ann Arbor, MichiganUnited States.


Lion’s Roar, Buddhadharma, lionsroar. Please enter your name. I do hope you will become a great magazine.

Gelek Rimpoche – Wikipedia

On the Forums General Discussion. Materialism of the Gaps Mongolia: After Rinpoche moved to the USA and I arrived soon after, I would meet him only occasionally and sometimes speak by phone, but I always felt a strong gelfk with him and rejoiced at the success of his Dharma work.

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