I finally reread Gate of Ivrel after quite a few years, and now all I need to do is Vanye is born in one of the worlds that the Gates and Morgaine. Any career. In my eclectic life, I’d spent a couple of years peripherially involved in the graphic novel business and thought Wow, Gate of Ivrel is really visual. Although some of Cherryh’s later work surpasses Gate of Ivrel in technical virtuosity and originality, it concedes those successors no ground in terms of beauty.

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That missed opportunity has been remedied more than 30 years later. Warriors are respected for their skills with bows and swords and their horsemanship. I came across your post and see it’s old, but still felt compelled to reply. That niggle aside I thought the story was successful in presenting a fantasy-style quest set against seemingly insurmountable odds in order to ivdel the goal: You are commenting using your WordPress.

But I’ll stop here. There are places where characters seemed agte the wilderness, yet other characters come out of the woodwork like they’re in Times Square on a Saturday afternoon, a little too like the sudden twists and turns of a cheap movie.

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Gathering the bits and pieces to put this page together has been quite a trip down memory lane Not surprisingly, many of the orders for Claiming Rites were cancelled, shipments refused and very few orders were even placed for Fever Dreams. Underneath all her layers, Morgaine is a woman on a mission that’s too big to go forward, but impossible to go back. Despite the appearance of being well developed characters, both Morgaine and Vanye often come across rather flat and dull, just going about their way while continuously stumbling into danger.


View all 3 comments. Customers who bought this item also bought. Morgaine goes after him.

What seemed similar to me was feeling of desperation and a hopeless Quest. Vanye then takes his brother by surprise and retakes Morgaine’s sword. Lf barely told that the hero, Vanye, has had a manhood ceremony in the past – but that’s about it.

The only mitigation is that, as a sworn follower of his lord – and Morgaine has lord status from her previous dealings with the indigenous people – he is in theory protected by her, but he soon meets members of various clans, including his surviving half-brother, who have different ideas.

I didn’t wonder for long.

The Morgaine Cycle 4 books. She mispronounced quite a few words, and her delivery was rushed and sometimes ivrep the meanings of sentences. Take your time, catch a bit now and come back. He takes Vanye to a Gate, intent on switching bodies. Those who do not fear have avarice for the Gate power and technology.

But I enjoyed the book and am rating it 4 stars. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The purpose of this quest is to destroy not a jvrel ring of power with charmed letters written upon it, but a completely different artefact: Too, sometimes the inflection was a bit off – the dialog not quite right. She’s able to protect herself. The one weakness is really the geography – it becomes difficult to envisage how the various clan territories impinge and why travelling in a particular direction would bring him back within the grasp of his brother, for example.


There are the layouts for the rest of the book, cartoons and cards “the kids” sent to Carolyn, the “Making of” slide show. The world is less fancy than most fantasies, but it’s not caveman chic like that cover artist would have readers believe.

: Gate of Ivrel (Morgaine) (): C. J. Cherryh, Jessica Almasy: Books

Here, he seems more like a fifteen year old boy. Or obnoxious little girls. I wanted to like this one a lot more than I did. I LOVE these books. Gaet Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. He wants to be a simple, honorable man, but everybody is out to get him in one way or another.

This is probably my least favorite of the Cherryh I’ve read so far, but by no means a disappointment; I will read the sequels. It is speculated from analysis of ancient Qhal artifacts on many worlds that travel back in time unraveled the Qhal civilization.

Vanye and Morgaine’s story is one that has agte with me as a true friend for 20 years.

Gate of Ivrel

But the narrator DID do a great job of giving that sense of movement and pace – of growing excitement and danger. Still, it’s Cherryh, so it’s hardly terrible. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.