Spain (present-day Mexico), in , Gaspar Yanga led the escape of his fellow slaves into nearby mountains. There they lived for nearly 40 years, arming and. The heritage of Africans in Mexico after Christopher Columbus is a rarely explored topic in the history books of the Americas. Gaspar Yanga is one of the. Not keeping up with technology is an excellent path to becoming a slave. Happens to the best of humans. It happened to Gaspar Yanga, and.

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It happened to Gaspar Yanga, and then he fought back. The Maroons as they were named, built a contained colony where they and other runaway slaves lived. Kenya Waller November 6, at 8: Coy Redic February 26, at 3: He was an African prince!

Great blog and truly informative, I just learnt something new-that Mexico once had a black president and that he was a great man indeed.

Regional lore also provides that Yanga was a prince stolen from a royal family of Gabon, Africa. Though it is poorly documented, we know palenque life was simple: Descendants of the Veracruz palenques say that Yanga was royalty from Gabon. Gaspar Yanga was one of the first black liberators in the Americas. The inspirational music powerhouse who beat the odds and gasppar reigns as Rock and Roll Queen.

Gaspar Yanga | African abolitionist and colonial leader |

He was assigned to work on the sugar plantations. The first information about Yanga arose in the second half of the nineteenth century by the historian and military-man Vicente Riva Palacio, grandson of Mexico’s first black president, Vicente Guerrero.

And when the slavers brought Yanga to the burgeoning sugar fields of New Spain, he found the conditions of servitude at least as intolerable as the lift over. I have somewhat a similar blog focusing specifically on Afro-Latinos. Gaspar Yanga is one of the neglected figures within African history in the Americas. This town is the birthplace of freedom. They lived unbothered for 30 years.


He attempted to negotiate with the Spaniards by using a captured Spanish soldier as barter and presenting an offer of cohabitating in a peaceful state with the Spanish. They say he was such a violent man, that he was a criminal, that he was a thief. Sign in Get started. Unknown April 15, at 8: W Bill Smith August 13, at 2: It is among the first free African settlements in the Americas after the start of the European slave trade.

He published an account of Yanga in an anthology inand as a separate pamphlet in My great-grandfather was black and he was born in Veracruz.

Gaspar Yanga

The most beautiful girl in the world has been found in Nigeria and she is 5 years old What is that on your face? Today, the town reportedly hosts the “Carnival of Negritude” every August 10th in honor of Gaspar Yanga.

They are fighting for their civil rights as Afro-Mexicans. Happens to the best of humans. Yanga’s early palenques would turn into decades-long resistance against colonial Spain.

A fundamental problem is that Mexico has hardly presented Yanga as a protagonist in its national narratives.

These maroon troops were led by Francisco de la Matosaan Angolan. Ina statute of Yanga was placed in the town gapar the same name, honoring him. Inafter Mexico had become independent of Spain, Vicente Riva Palacio, a grandson of Mexican president Vicente Guerrero, plumbed Inquisition archives with plans to write about Yanga.

Gaepar dreadful rule that banned black women from displaying their hair 10 Black iconic figures who have white partners. The palenque countered with technologically evolving, gun-wielding fighters, and others armed with machetes, rocks, and other crude weaponry. Yanga was one of the many enslaved people brought over from West Africa and forced to work in the Spanish sugar plantations in New Spain Mexico.


This should be part of Black History here in America. Taking the role of spiritual and military leader, he structured the agricultural community in an ordered capacity, allowing its growth and occupation of various locations. In addition, Yanga said this proposed district would return any slaves who might flee to it.

InSpanish authorities sent a well-armed militia to defeat Yanga and his palenque but were defeated. This painting by Aydee Rodriquez, a renowned artist from the Costa Chica area depicts Yanga with the chains of slavery, a sword for the fight for freedom, and a book for education and liberty.

It is now called Yanga. AroundYanga along with a group of slaves revolted against their Spanish captors and settled in the hilltops near Veracruz, Mexico. Get updates Get updates. AfriSynergy March 28, at 3: Gaspar Yanga and Blacks in Mexico: We are all connected! There is so much history that remains hidden on purpose.

Thank you for your blog! Every year, the inhabitants of Yanga hold a carnival on August 10 to celebrate the victory of the Maroons against the Spanish.

I had heard stories about Yanga, but gaepar information you provided was much more informative.