Sujathavin Kurunovelkal III Part (Ganesh Vasanth) by Sujatha from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Sujathavin Kurunovelkal III Part (Ganesh Vasanth) by Sujatha, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Feb 18, Aayirathil Iruvar – This is one of the Ganesh – Vasanth detective novels written by writer Sujatha which gives you a suspense thriller feeling once.

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Drunkenmunk on Wed Feb 19, 9: Usha on Thu Feb 20, 3: Usha on Fri Feb 21, vzsanth Usha on Tue Feb 25, Usha on Wed Feb 26, Wizzy on Wed Sep 17, 6: Posts Topics Advanced Search. Let’s discuss these iconic characters in the “vegu jana” i. How are the Ganesh-Vasanth stories?

I have heard a lot vasanh them, but never read any One important warning in reading Ganesh – Vasanth stories: Thanks for the background and recos App saar! Will try to get hold of these books.


Sujathavin Kurunovelkal III Part (Ganesh Vasanth) : Sujatha :

I already have En iniya iyandhira, but haven’t started reading it yet though have become a fan of his short story writing though some are banal too Meanwhile you are yet to complete your story of Sujatha’s reaction to that violin piece in the other thread. Balamaa Builld-up kuduthutu vittutinga.

Not read a lot of Sujatha though I have an e book of his short stories. One aujatha I was mighty impressed with was his futuristic Thimala. I bought three compilations of his short stories, but haven’t seen this so far.

This appeared in kumudam as a serial and someone had done a pdf of it and hosted here no pictures, that is bad: Book il paditha kalam poi More so when read after a couple of decades One has to adjust for the time period it was written, when people didn’t know anything about CD even sujatba alone cell phones. Gxnesh, the dialogs are nach-nach, fresh as always! Looks like this is an official store for Sujatha’s works: Moolaiyai patri solli irupar Big Thanks to Sujatha One blogger slAgiththufies that ‘kolaiyudhir kAlam’ was great in augmenting current science inventions: Recently finished reading “En iniya iyandhira”.


Loved the character development and dialogues. The way an inanimate robot is brought to life through witty, sharp dialogues and writing is delightful!

“Sujatha” Rangarajan / Ganesh / Vasanth 🙂

Fascinating, futuristic plot and racy, edge of the seat stuff throughout. I felt some questions were left answered maybe deliberate? Very elegant writing as usual.

Appo kaNdippa 2nd partayaum padichhe aanum.