available a transcript of Gelek Rimpoche’s Ganden Lha Gyema teachings that is Rinpoche mentions in his Gaden Lha Gyama, pg. ‘Jetsun lama. This commentary on the Ganden Lha Gyema guru yoga, the backbone of one’s practice, adresses Vajrayana-practitioners as well as those that want to prepare. This is a teaching on the Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga text, Hundred Deities of the Land of Joy or Ganden Lha Gyama, by the Sera Je Lama.

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The next verse is the limb of confession. Therefore, if we practice this gyma mantra, called the migtsemacorrectly, with the right motivation and the proper visualization, it also fulfills many other practices, because it contains within it the profound meaning of many aspects of Dharma; many things are concentrated in these few words. All the non-virtuous actions that we have accumulated in the gaden up to now, from time immemorial up to this moment, all that we have done in the past…this is what it means.

There are also some other smaller figures to each side of Maitreya Buddha: So, when meditating on this, we visualize in space many offering deities—many offering gods and goddesses holding various offering objects—on the clouds to either side and above the three lamas.

Lama Tsongkhapa and his disciples sacrificed all worldly pleasures such as good food and so forth to live a very simple, meditative life.

Ganden Lha Gyama : Ananda Dharma Center : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

For example, by sowing grape seeds in a field we obtain a great crop of grapes. Therefore, this practice of guru yoga will be sufficient for a person who wishes to develop compassion through the practice of Avalokiteshvara meditation. Photo by Dan Laine. Also, Lama Atisha is also there place in the form of a bodhisattva called Namkha Trimame, another chief disciple of Buddha Maitreya.

If we can practice more than that—hundreds of thousands and ten-thousands or hundred-thousands, it is even better.

The fourth line of this verse tells us that because Lama Tsongkhapa is endowed with such a body, speech and mind, to see his physical manifestation, to hear his name or about his life or to listen to his teachings, and gandej remember him from our mind becomes beneficial, worthwhile and very fruitful for us.


His power not being external means that he has no high rank, social status or external superiority. Lama Tsongkhapa himself put great effort into his preliminary practices because they are the foundation of all spiritual development. If you are interested you can read his extensive biography, which explains in his life in great detail.

Ganden Lha Gyama

This refers to shunyata nature, which is without yyama nature, or void of inherent nature. The first mala is for purification, then there is one mala for each of the four developments of wisdom. So, to summarize, we have reached the point of complete inner purification by the white light and nectar that emanates from the three hearts of the three lamas, which are combined into one.

During this time, we recite the lama mantra, this one-verse praise that is the lama mantra of Lama Tsongkhapa. Here, virtuous qualities of mind such as compassion, love and so forth are easy to generate and increase.

They are beams of light but hollow inside, like pha tube; empty inside. Nicholas Ribush and Sandra Smith.

Again the great wisdom comes in the form of orange amrita that fills our body. Here, sog includes the food offerings, the music offerings, and all the other offerings, such as garments etc. With this visualization and meditation we make one mala of recitation of the lama mantra. Dag gi is ganven clearer than gang zhig. With this visualization, we recite one mala of the lama prayer.

Ganden Lha Gyäma: The Guru Yoga of Tushita’s Deva Host – Teachings From Tibet

We have also accumulated countless non-virtuous actions of speech, such as lying. The fourth line is the same. Having rejoiced in this verse, begin the lama mantra again and recite another mala, doing the visualization that has already been explained.

So, they made offerings by selling their possessions, then left completely for meditation. To purchase Vajrayana transcripts, one hyama to have received full initiation from a qualified teacher.

For that, again the visualizations are similar. He is both lama and Buddha in one. Gateway to Enlightenment with Venerable Ygama Chodron. The great wisdom of the Victorious Ones and their sons comes in the form of the deity and fills our body. What we see on the altar is a statue of Lama Tsongkhapa.

But this light and amrita are not simply like gandeen water or some other liquid like that—in this light and amrita are tiny letters, tiny versions of the lama mantra, the syllables of the mantra and many different things mixed with and absorbed in it, which I will explain in detail. Therefore, the third line is:.


It is to liberation, or nirvanathat we wish to lead them. But at pha, he is in Tushita in the form of a bodhisattva called Jampel Nyingpo, remaining there in that form as a chief disciple of Buddha Maitreya. Now this light suddenly changes color. In the same way, our body is filled with orange amrita. But this method, the practice of guru yoga in connection with Guru Manjushri is the best method.

Previously there was radiant white light emanating from the chests of the three lamas, combining into one and absorbing into the crown of our head and purifying us. As I mentioned before, generally in the seven limb puja, the request for the long life of the lama or the buddhas is the sixth of the seven limbs, so normally it would come at this point, but in this practice, because it is such an important request, it is explained at the beginning.

When practiced in conjunction with recitations of the Migtsema mantra, this Guru Yoga is an unprecedented method for increasing the three essences of spiritual development: Thus, these three—lotus, moon and lama—symbolize the three principal aspects of the path.

It is not just an ordinary cloud but one with deep meaning, symbolizing the purity and perfection of his great compassion. The next stage is the development of the clear wisdom lja every buddha.

But neither are great wisdom and clear wisdom enough; we also need quick wisdom; wisdom that is very fast without taking time. If you can receive teachings on that text it will be evident. How The Mind Works. Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa was born in the Tsongkha region of Amdo in So, it is a purely heavenly abode where the beings are free from all obstacles and suffering and endowed with everything necessary for spiritual development.

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