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Some classic texts of the tradition are restated, such as the sequence of the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, in a translation and adaptation that tries to explain, nuovaa simple language, the great theological content of the Latin text.

John of the Cross, ” The Living Flame of Love,” reminds us that the soul of Christ in love fears nothing, neither proof nor suffering, because love nourishes the believer’s heart and fills it with singing, that melody sublime that comes from the breath of the Spirit. From the Eucharist flows the song of believers who celebrate the love of God and the fellowship of the brethren.

Marco Frisina – Pane di vita 3 by Julian Santiago | Free Listening on SoundCloud

These songs follow a route through the small Marian celebrations of the liturgical year, with particular attention to the texts of the hymns of the Liturgy of the Hours. Through the pain you go to glory, through the humiliation we reach the triumph of God over sin and the world. Showing Dii perfections every, creature sings the praises of God. I believe, therefore, that it is nice to dedicate to him this new collection of songs that have used several texts drawn from both biblical prayers of the saints and used in the liturgical books.

The name of God is the Lord means to affirm with njova and with joy that God is all this, that his presence do us is salvation and love, mercy and omnipotence, light and victory. Some songs also provide for the participation of the Assembly which is entrusted with the repetition of the antiphon or other forms of Gregorian chant.

The parable of the wedding invitation reminds us that God is in the world to participate in the banquet of God’s love, as well as the words of Jesus to Nicodemus, which emphasize the greatness of the Father.

The Resurrection is the triumph frisona the light of truth and love, and the joy of redemption pervades the universe and awakens in the heart of the world singing and praise. The songs in this collection are intended as a humble tribute to the one who by her faith has opened the doors of salvation and who accompanies us throughout the liturgical year, as the first among believers and sister in faith. Christ nuovva the center of our faith, the source of our salvation.


Two other songs are taken from the Oratorio “On the Road to Emmaus” and celebrate the risen Christ also invoking His saving presence. In the Nuoa of Faith, which we are about to experience, it is useful to return to this extraordinary text that the Magisterium nhova us and invites us to make our own the faith of the Church and to live in the difficulties and the challenges of our present culture.

Psalm 33 is grisina typical text that expresses the wonder and joy of the believer who sees the love of God himself as a gift of grace in the Eucharist.

In the Bible, the Greek word is translated as Kyrios, which is the Lord. We cannot hide the wealth that the Gospel of Christ gives to all men.

In this sense the marvelous text of St. I also wanted to include two beautiful prayers, one of them is present in the Missal between those of Thanksgiving “Post Missam,” the act of offering, “WelcomeSir,” the text of S.

The Eucharist is the center of the universe and of our life. The Easter Triduum is the heart of the liturgical year. In addition to the parts of the Ordinary of the mass, some songs are presented whose text recalls the themes of the Year of Mercy. Even in today’s world, which seems so distracted and confused, the Cross has its full force painful and heroic, terrible fdisina glorious, and resplendent with its light above the pettiness and sin as an eloquent sign of love without boundaries and without measure.

The parts of the Ordinary and some songs, such as “Totus Tuus” were written for the priestly jubilee of St.

This collection of songs takes us to the discovery nuoav this sublime love that shines in the Cross, even with the help of some valuable texts that we have received from the living tradition of the Liturgy. The words are an intense profession of faith which amplifies the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed giving it a new force. The final judgment, recounted in the Gospel of Matthew, presents us with the mystery of the presence of Jesus among us.


Pane di vita nuova

His Word has opened our hearts and our minds to the truth. I hope that the knowledge of the texts that the Christian tradition has given us pushes us to give our prayer the depth and beauty of the Easter light. I preferred to keep the text in the original language for others.

The liturgical texts of this time are all impregnated with this hope and open our eyes to nuoa vision of the new world transformed by the grace of Christ, that so much desired by the prophets, and that the world would like to know while it is plagued by violence and pain. In my nearly thirty years of priestly life, these texts have nurtured my spiritual life and have raised awareness of the beauty of the vocation. As always, this proposal is part of the songs from the texts that the Liturgy and the Word of God offer us.

Some texts are translations of Latin hymns; others are original texts that echo the great biblical and patristic texts on the Spirit and the Resurrection. Completing the collection are tracks the Ordinary of the Mass which can be used in the solemnity and the harvest of Ordination. We find in it the source of joy and amazement and we draw from it the foundations of our faith because we recognize Jesus as the God made man for us, because in Him we find the meaning of our existence and the certainty of our redemption.

Such is the journey through the desert to reach the light of the encounter. Lord translates to the Greek word “Kyrios” fridina the liturgy and to the Jewish “Jahweh. In this album are collected 11 compositions by Marco Frisina.

The fundamental vocation of every believer is to be an instrument of this love. At the friaina time, Mary is our sure hope and anticipation of the glorious fulfillment that awaits the whole Church at the end of time, when the New Jerusalem, adorned as a bride, will descend from God ready for her wedding. The world needs now, more than ever, the love of Christ that cries out from the cross to the heart of every man with all his strength.