Congratulations on the purchase of your Freecom MusicPal. .. Insert the Freecom MusicPal software & Manual CD into your CD drive. Please. Music pal • Read online or download PDF • Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual. User manual for the device Freecom Technologies MusicPal. Online user manual database.

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Freecom MusicPal Functions Information on operating the device: Page 32 Freecom MusicPal 3. Mouse-click Wake-Up Timer in the left-hand mabual bar. Freecom MusicPal Manual configuration of time and date 1. Page You can change the password any time through the web configuration! Select the “Name” menu item.

Page 21 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. Freecom MusicPal In this window, you can either assign an existing group to the station, or you can gener- ate a new group. General Information Or else contact Freecom Support for more in-depth assistance.

You can download the Favorites list of the Freecom MusicPal as an m3u file. Select Now Playing to get a display of what is currently playing. Page 34 Freecom MusicPal3. Registration In order to be able to mark your own favorites on the Internet page http: Select the language you want. Page 67 You can change the password any time through the web configuration! Music What can my Freecom MusicPal do, and what do I have to do to be able to play Internet radio or local music files?


Freecom MusicPal – Setup Instructions

When you start it, it displays all MusicPals available in your networkand helps you configure the MusicPal. No and specify your IP address yourself. Or else contact Freecom Support for more in-depth assistance. Page of Go.

Page 88 Freecom MusicPal5. Page 73 Optimal usage of IP addresses is guaranteed. Freecom MusicPalSafety precautionsTo guarantee a faultless functioning of your Freecom MusicPal, please observe the following safety precautions.

Mouse-click Sleep Timer in the left-hand menu bar. Page 31 Freecom MusicPal Functions4. Usually you can access the web configuration of the MusicPal by opening your Ex- plorer and entering mznual following maanual the address line: Select the Display menu item.

Click Fixed IP address. Open the Windows Media Player 11 and proceed as follows: Click Show Clock again on the right manhal of the screen. If all input was successful, you then move back to the Clock menu.

Page 23 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. Play ModeThis function makes it possible for you to make settings for the Play mode. Page 71 Appendix Netmask The partition scheme that separates the different address classes is used to identify a netmask attached to the IP address.

Freecom MusicPal Specifications 2 mwnual. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Freecom Technologies MusicPal.


Freecom MusicPal in practical usage 6. When you start it, it displays all MusicPals available in your network and helps you configure the MusicPal. After confirming the device name the MusicPal restarts and opens the main menu.

Page 42 Freecom MusicPal3. Go back to the Freecom MusicPal main menu.

Freecom Technologies MusicPal Radio User Manual

Select a Website and enter an abbreviated code for the desired stock about whichyou wish to be informed. Brightness ActiveThis function gives you the facility to regulate the brightness of the display when thereis activity.

Select the Extras Settings menu item. Select Settings in the musicpzl menu after you have switched on the Freecom MusicPal. Please click on “Start” in the main directory of the CD. Freecom MusicPalSnooze Timer snooze function When the alarm of the MusicPal sounds at the time that has been set, you can either stopthe alarm or pause it for 10 minutes snooze function.

Freecom MusicPal Manuals

This menu item is only available while you are playing InternetRadio or local music files. Select the Language menu item.

Loudspeaker output Here you can connect to headphones or external box systems, for instance from your PC. Enter text from picture: