Franz von Papen indicates that he is still a conservative monarchist at the time his Memoirs are written. He was from a well-off, but not aristocratic, family who. Franz von Papen was Chancellor of Germany in and Vice-Chancellor under Adolf Hitler from to Results 1 – 30 of 47 Memoirs by Von Papen, Franz and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Schleicher offered Memlirs the post of Ambassador to Paris, but Papen refused after Hindenburg said he wanted him to stay as an advisor. Cgcang rated it really liked it Apr 24, His demeanor was modest and polite, and although I had heard much about the magnetic quality of his eyes, I do not remember being impressed by them Minister for Food and Agriculture.

Memoirs – Franz von Papen – Google Books

Papen constantly urged Hitler to maintain good relations with Austria by keeping the illegal Austrian Nazis under control and urged Schuschnigg, the Austrian Chancellor, to work with pro-German but non-Nazi politicians.

In particular he recounts the taking of Meoirs by France and Libya by Italy, as well as Russian aggression in the Balkans. John rated it liked it Dec 21, At one point Mr.

Write a customer review. As a conservative, he’s appalled by Hitler and this gang, but because Hitler makes some obesiances to the traditional symbols and mores of Germany, von Papen was powerless to offer any principled effective opposition when there was still a chance to do emmoirs.

Papen was awarded the Gold Medal of the Nazi Party – but one of his close but indiscreet aides, whom Papen had entrusted with the task of sending his papers to Switzerland, tranz murdered by the Gestapo. Papen defends himself against Nuremberg charges that he set Schuschnigg up, noting that the French, British and Papal ministers had approved their meeting.

Be the first to discover new talent! Major defendants at the Nuremberg trials.


Translated by Brian Connell. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Allan rated it liked it Jan 02, Allenby attacked at the end of October, The Germans dismissed these lapen for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that the Reich desired the oil-rich Caucasus for themselves.

University Press of Pa;en page In two months we’ll have pushed Hitler so far into the corner that he’ll squeal. Papen proceeded to tell me that Retrieved from ” https: Ataturk fell out with the Germans and was replaced.

The vice-chancellor’s bold speech incensed Hitler, and its publication was suppressed by the Propaganda Ministry. Konstantin von Neurath Joachim von Ribbentrop. Soon after D-Day the Turks, succumbing to Allied pressure, severed relationships with Germany August 2nd, and Papen was ordered home immediately. During his stay in Rome, Papen met the Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussoliniand tried to persuade him to end his support for the Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss, telling him that Germany had far more to papeh Italy than did Austria, an appeal that failed to impress as Mussolini preferred Austria as a buffer state.

Franz von Papen has been portrayed in by pape actors in these film, television and theatrical productions: There was a farnz adding your email address. Since Hitler wanted Papen out of Berlin, he offered him the assignment of German ambassador to Viennawhere Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss had just been murdered in a failed Nazi coupwhich was brutally suppressed.

Franz von Papen

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. University of Chicago Press, pages In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Ketteler had urged that Hitler be assassinated, a plan Papen rejected. There he several times clashed and even defied his boss, Foreign Minister Ribbentrop, but was kept in post.

They told Hitler that the book would have a most unfortunate effect on the party, and all my attempts to convince him that open discussions of the problems involved was essential, were nullified by the mere suggestion that the debate raised by the book might endanger the party The Zentrum Catholic CenterBavarian People’s Party, Staatspartei, and Christian Socialists all supported the enabling law, which passed with votes out ofwith many Communists and Social Democrats unable to vote as they had been banned from the Reichstag.


He made it clear that he would not be content with a subordinate role and intended in due course to demand plenary powers for himself. Then he was surprised to be sent as military attache to the German embassy to the United States, where he became friends with Franklin D. Addison-Wesley, page 8.

After a time as a private citizen he accepted the post of Ambassador to Turkey on April 7,and “asked to be placed directly under Hitler’s orders. Franz von Papen indicates that he is still a conservative monarchist at the time his Memoirs are written. Germany cannot live in a continuous state of unrest, to which no ones sees an end”.

Then he met with Hitler, who again demanded the Chancellorship or nothing. Papen takes some credit for reviving the German economy and giving employment to people through programs including sending urban youth to work on farms and other public projects like the creation of the Autobahn.

Franz Von Papen Memoirs

Bruening was an economist and a person capable of steering a country through a very difficult economic period. University of California Press, Proven charges against individual members of an organization could be adduced as evidence of the criminal nature of the organization itself.

Instead they settled back in Westphalia, at Haus Merfeld. Papen told his cabinet that he planned to pursue his “fighting programme” for constitutional and economic reforms even at the risk of civil war, and to circumvent the problem of a hostile Reichstagwhich could pass a motion of no-confidence in his government or cancel his laws issued under Article 48, by having martial law declared, which would allow him to rule as a dictator.