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Bifidobacteria levels in saliva were found to be significantly correlated in adults with dental caries but less information available in the literature regarding its role labiapes children.

Of the responses received, were included for final analysis. Dental caries from a molecular microbiological perspective. The effects of ultradense equation of state and density jumps on the possible condensation phase transition are investigated.

The results demonstrated that the digital subtraction radiography from single radiographic image of artificial caries was highly efficient in the detection of dental caries compared to the data from simple digital radiograph.

Modifications to the Nusselt condensation model are theoretically analyzed. A multivariate regression model was also used. A condenser performance monitoring spreadsheet was developed using EPRI guidelines after fouling was discovered.

Preferably, condensates after passing through a turbine are filtered at a place between a condensator and a steam generator at high temperature fositws close as a temperature of labialee steam generator. The liquid film heat transfer coefficient is first investigated in pure saturated steam conditions in the pressure range from 0.

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The aim of this paper is to systematically review information about ECC and to describe why many children are suffering from dental caries. Chelating resins with amidoxime groups were synthesized by suspension copolymerization of laniales AN and divinylbenzene DVB and subsequent chemical modification of cyano groups by reaction with hydroxylamine.

Estudio transversal realizado con 80 voluntarias sanas. Of the studies, 42 out of 50 of those in children and 5 out of 5 in adults reported at least one positive association between sugars and caries.


The possible correlated variables were analyzed using the principal component analysis PCA. Analysis of the biological degradation performance of furfural and HMF by A. Using visual inspection, the clinician must decide about the presence, severity and activity of lesions. To investigate the prevalence of dental caries and treatment needs in schoolchildren aged years from Zagreb.

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The non- condensable gas thus discharged from the steam exhaust pipe is introduced into the interior of the hollow steam condensing blades, is then suitably expanded, and thereafter exhausted from a number of exhaust holes into the water in the pool.

In a cross-sectional study, 33 consecutive patients whom referred to Hamadan university clinic of otolaryngologic for peritonsillar abscess were examined by otolaryngologist and dentist who investigated ,abiales between peritonsillar infection and labialess caries. Two review authors independently screened the results of the electronic searches, extracted data and assessed the risk of bias of the included studies. The most important properties of the ideal and the weakly interacting Bose gas are described and the effects of nonuniformity due to an external potential at zero temperature are studied.

Ice condenser experimental plan. This effect is called capillary condensation and can block pores, which has major consequences in hydrocarbon production, as well as in fuel cells, catalysis, and powder adhesion. If a cavity is formed as a consequence of the metabolic activity of the biofilm, a restorative material or a sealant can be placed to block access of the biofilm to the oral environment in order to prevent caries progress.

Among the main hypotheses accounted for this mathematical development in the case of the condensatea laminar flow and uniform surface temperature are always considered.

We investigated transmission networks in the Resina cohort, a 2, member sample from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, sequenced at therapy start. AbstractThe study sought to establish the effectiveness of interdisciplinary treatment of the drugdependence program of the integral care and rehabilitation center of CARI in the city ofBarranquilla, Colombia, in its different phases or forms of intervention Hospitalization, DayHospital, Half Day Hospital, Ambulatory monitoring and treatment duringfrom thefollowing indicators: Although the preventive strategies labiapes available are likely to result in lower caries levels for many, for logistical reasons and because of factors associated with deprivation and poverty, caries is likely to remain a major public health problem in most communities for the foreseeable future.


A low pressure experiment to evaluate the laminar film condensation coefficients of lithium was conducted. El espectro Raman es obtenido de cada pieza dental previo a la aplicacion de agentes blanqueadores. Full Text Available In this paper are presented the results obtained by the characterisation and the study of the rheological behavior of concentrated frits suspensions used in the preparation of ceramic glazes for single firing porous tiles.

A laser fluorescence caries detection device is a laser, a Al obtener la harina de endospermo queda como subproducto el germen del que se extrae aceite que deja como residuo el germen desgrasado GD. In contrast, fluoride varnish’s highest prevented fractions for caries arrest and caries labiiales were These results provide fositaa theoretical foundation for a future investigation of the magnon BEC in terms of quantum entanglement.

New condensation correlations are given that accurately predict all three modes of PCCS condensation. Caries -related factors and bacterial composition of supragingival plaques in caries free and caries active Algerian adults. Acudieron a la consulta por dolor debido a la presencia de caries dental aguda. A synchronous condenser is a synchronous machine that generates fositass power that leads real power by 90 degrees in phase.