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Fluke PM3084 Analog Oscilloscope

ATCAL can supply several accurate voltages that are used for vertical calibrations. Page – Z-MOD sensitivity It can function on a wide range of LINE input voltages. Therefore, it is recommended to wait at least five minutes after having disconnected the unit from the mains, before removing the unit.

Verify that a horizontal line of 4. Use desolder braided wire; ordering code: Use a termination.

Page 34 – Description If working on the unit under live condition cannot be avoided, it must be done by a qualified technician who is aware of the dangers involved. This procedure is intended to: On the XYZ unit there are parts that carry high voltages.


It is also possible that the rotor makes no contact. The common mode rejection ratio CMRR is a measure of susceptibility to common mode signals.

The output signal is voltage and is applied to the vertical deflection plates of the CRT. After exchange it must be filled with operating software and calibration data. Test equipment Fluke A mode: Probe Adjust signal is flukr and has equal intensity.

Fluke PM3082 Service Manual

Lfuke that the leads of the replacement part are clean and pre-tinned on the soldering places. Page 3 – Use terminations. This manual also for: Apply a video signal to input CH1 with an amplitude of about 1V synchronization pulse Signal Delay Note 3: Control of the illumination amplifier V takes place by means of the signal DAC2, level about 1. This is present on all 4 channels. TV pattern generator with video flkke PM test set-up: Also the vertical CRT text signal is applied to D pin 15 and Enter text from picture: The x1 is switched by control signal PA1X1.



When installing the CRT, first remove its protective cover. The output circuits are protected against overload by the under voltage protection. This diagram shows the final intensity Z and focusing amplifiers.

Rough handling or scratching can cause the CRT to implode. Circuit diagram of external trigger unit The communication from front unit A4 to unit A3 occurs via buffer D It is built up around triple analog multiplexer D Properties expressed in numerical values without tolerances, ranges or limits stated, represent the characteristics of an average instrument.

Error Calibration step Input Control signal Output