Recorded on November 9, Natan Sharansky sits down with Peter Robinson to discuss Soviet communism and its impact on his personal. Temperamentally and intellectually, Natan Sharansky is a man very much like Since Fear No Evil was originally published in , the Soviet government that. Temperamentally and intellectually, Natan Sharansky is a man very much like many of us—which makes this account of his arrest on political grounds, his.

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View all 10 comments. Jun 07, Charles rated it really liked it. Nov 17, Jennifer Fox rated it really liked sharansoy. Feb 16, Mich rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books like this show why they government cannot be allowed to become so powerful that people lose all their freedoms. To ask other readers questions about Fear No Evilplease sign up.

Like everyone in Israel I expected to read this sometime and when I discovered last Shabbat that I didn’t have anything to read it seemed like the perfect time to begin. Sharansky has become an important national leader in Israel—and serves as Israel’s diplomatic liaison to the former Soviet Union! Sharansky was first denied an exit visa to Israel noo Didn’t get all the way through this, but I am intrigued.

New York Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief Serge Schmemann reflects on those monumental events, and on Sharansky’s extraordinary life in the decades since his arrest, in a new introduction to this edition.

It will remind us why freedom is important above all, and fdar an encroaching ever-expanding government can become oppressive under our very noses. Every tour through the irrational labyrinth of the gulagthe Soviet prison system turns up new horrors, new injustices, new quirks concerning the human will to survive.

I don’t know if it was Sharansky’s own writing style or the translator’s, but the book was written in such a way that it kept you glued to the text. Jun 20, Gary rated it it was amazing.

He kept his sense of humor, he kept his sanity, he kept his faith, and he kept up his unrelenting struggle, spending months in punishment cells and on hunger strikes.


Lying on the floor was a punishment offense, too. fsar

Jan 22, Gabriella Hoffman rated it it was amazing Shelves: But Sharansky had these qualities and he used them for good. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Unltimately it is a testament of hope and of freedom of the human spirit. He mocked the KGB relentlessly, spending day after day in solitary confinement.

Fear No Evil by Natan Sharansky

I reread it again about a year ago and still found it inspiring. Department of Justice are incorruptible, and that KGB methods would never be applied in this country, good men such as Mike Flynn when arrested by Robert Mueller naively assume they can tell the truth and not be victimized.

He then details his arrest, and his nine years of brutal incarceration. Sharanky describes his life in the preface as a Jews growing up in Russia, and his mental liberation from Soviet thought slavery, by his discovery of his Judaism and Zionism.

Anatoly ShcharanskyNatan Sharansky. Since Fear No Evil was originally published inthe Soviet government that imprisoned Sharansky has collapsed. The KGB, in punishment for his Enjoyed the book, though it faer very troubling- especially in light of current events where governments continue to oppress those with beliefs and views outside of what the government considers to be mainstream.

Surprisingly, it is often very funny. Books by Natan Sharansky. Mar 06, Debby rated it liked it. evik

I alone can humiliate myself. Sharansky was the one percent who successfully resisted. Which causes the jerk chef, other contestants, and narrator to wax poetic paeans to her courage and bravery for cooki So I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen the other night, one of the few, if not the only, reality show I like though I’m enjoying it less and less every year.

Memories of the world behind the Iron Curtain are fading, and it is easy to forget that millions of people lived for decades trapped in a system that denied them even the most basic freedoms.

Feb 17, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of the stuff he does to the KGB is downright hilarious. Apr 11, Mark Dunn rated it it was amazing. A variety of mental and physical tortures were used to try to break Sharansky, but he never flinched. Dec 28, Sharon Zink rated it really liked it. Aug 10, Sue rated it really liked it. Sharansky beat the world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a simultaneous exhibition in Israel in In the meantime, I’m reading this book.


Another interesting prisoner was the former police officer who was secretly nnatan member of an underground fvil.

In my opinion, however, what really made him suffer was the realization that he was insufficiently prepared for his encounter with evil. Temperamentally and intellectually, Natan Sharansky is a man very dear like many of us—which makes this account of his arrest on political grounds, his trial, and ten years’ imprisonment in the Orwellian universe of the Soviet gulag particularly vivid and resonant.

Fear No Evil

Political prisoners were often kept in total isolation and the guards would snap their fingers and eevil their keys to warn other guards to clear corridors when a prisoner was being transported: Normally I think of the Gulag as being earlier in the 20th century. During his investigation, Volodia [Vladimir Poresh, a Russian Christian] suffered greatly from his brief vacillation because of the possible harm he could have caused his friends.

Told with remarkable calm, even with harrowing humor, Sharansky’s gripping and deeply moving account of his prison years is a tribute to human resilience. It is true of course that he is brave, that he was nahan Prisoner of Zion for ten years and in interrogations for two more, and he kept fearr alive through what only seems force of will, bit for all that he is very human.

This was the prelude to Sharansky’s arrest on March 15, and his eventual trial and imprisonment. I was fascinated by how he used chess and solving a chess problem as a way to cope while in a punishment cell.

He refused to cooperate with his captors and tormentors, who force-fed him through the mouth and rectum feaf prolonged hunger strikes.