Depron Dave’s. F Eagle. F. Suggested CG point. Thanks for downloading this plane. It’s all 3mm depron with a carbon spar for the wing. Refer to the pics. Thanks to the Team for all the useful information:) I build an F15 from Steve Shumates plans. After that ill do your F22 preferably. But the F F15 Depron PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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It has excellent handling characteristics and deprkn remarkably realistic in the air. The black wire is the receiver antenna and the foil-covered wires are the battery extensions.

Ideally, any power system used in this model should provide oz static thrust and mph pitch speed. Bimo’s F Eagle Speedbuilt. Weight will be about g so 1: Previews are posted below to show how the plans should look when assembled. What colors is this one going to wear? Quest for Ultimate Parkjet: Plans Here are the plans for the F Park Jet. Discussion in ‘ Scratchbuilding! He expects to have the F kits available in about 3 weeks. But the Deppron seemed to be easier to handle for a beginner.


Last edited by jetset44; Oct 21, at The flight performance of this model is fantastic! dperon

F Eagle Park Jet – RC Groups

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. The best part of this control system is that it allows the use of flaps to not only improve takeoff and landing performance, but also improve maneuverability when mixed with the elevator to provide maneuvering flaps.

Share This Page Tweet. These allow the entire fuselage to become a large lifting surface, which contributes greatly to the excellent slow speed performance of this model.

I think the plane is gonna be fast with this equipment. Remember Me Forgot Password? Electric Ducted Fan Jet Talk. On behalf of everybody – Thank you Steve!!!!!!!!!! Ddepron 05, FC Strike Eagle G1. The last picture shows the flaperons and stabilators at maximum deflection. Best regards – Paco.

F-15 6mm Depron Foam Jet

Pictures tell more than a thousand words: This dspron my first experience with RC flying and pls dont judge me to hard. It seems f51 a shift there.


Oct 21, depon, May 27, Sorry about the nagging I was going over the parts templates and found a small problem with the inch scale. The canopy is removable via Velcro strips to allow easy access to the battery compartment. Here are the specs: The parts template is posted in both tiled and non-tiled formats. The design features all flat sheet foam construction with minimal carving, which allows it to be built quickly.

As u can see it isnt finished yet Here’s a link below to updated plans and construction guide for this model: Hi Chris, Nett Nicely done build! Driven many RC cars and some boats.