Right-click and choose “Extract Pages” and follow the prompts. . Some of the documents that cause the “renderable text” error look as if they. Is there an easy way to OCR documents that include renderable text in Adobe Is there a way to get FineReader OCR quality with Acrobat Pro-like PDF output?. If you use PDFMaker to create the PDF instead of plotting to PDF from within AutoCAD, you will get searchable text in the PDF even for text.

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However, they will also be a lot more useful. I don’t understand why, the pdf seems crystal even under massive magnification. Using my computer with Acrobat 9 Pro, with individual files I have tried to save the PDF file as a text file and I have also tried to export the file to a text file rendderable. The issue is that for some reason, not everything in the document appears to have been OCR’d completely.

I have a document originally from Illustrator, saved as PDF. Internet Explorer is not supported before version Open a PDF file containing a scanned image in Acrobat.

Right-click and choose “Extract Pages” and follow the prompts. JPG is inherently a “lossy” file format. Edit text in PDF files. I wonder how it will work with the page book. Using this technique, it is possible to obtain a searchable and text-select-able document while preserving the original image of the scanned document, if desired.


However, a less than pristine, older scan may not fair so well after all this decoding and encoding. This is because all the vector images of all the individual characters renderablf the document are retained when using this OCR output style.

It was never intended to be a “perfect” OCR utility which preserves formatting etc. PDF document to show. Renderabe just not able to export the text using the Save As or Export options.

It is a program for generating documents that can be viewed on most any platform. I tried to get help from Acrobat user forum no luck, but your suggession worked for me in first try.

Save the file using yet another file name. However, if the file was really just a series of images to begin with, then the resulting file may not be much larger than the original.

Thank you Grant, thank you Anonymous, wahoo!!! How do I configure the display of members’ images and signatures?

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

XPS printer driver settings to convert the image to 72dpi. Robertson September 12, at If you document only has a tiny bit of text on it, then why are you concerned with “OCRing” it at all?

A all those students out there trying to OCR all those papers they have collected in their research so they can pull quotes out of them without retyping everything, as well as B those archivists out there who are trying to make the documents in their collections searchable. Navendu December 4, at 8: Only you can determine how much final degradation is acceptable to you. Anonymous from Feb 6, Yes, that is the standard technique recommended by Adobe.


Adobe Document Cloud

I am able to open an individual PDF file, select text and then copy the text to a notepad file, so I know that these rrenderable contain text. When Acrobat opens your scan for editing, it automatically generates a custom font.

Davo Republic September 12, at 2: I have encountered the same problem using another software – Nitro PDF. One swipe of “Remove Hidden Information”, finding some overlay of lines hidden in the file, and everything is perfectly OCR’d!

Use the Print function and select pdf as the printer. Grant Robertson May 16, at 9: New text matches the look of the original fonts in your scanned image. Rendearble results are less than satisfying. Rather than pop tsxt a dialog and ask what you want to do, the software just chokes.

Renderable text extraction tool

Here is the detail: Unfortunately, test technique often results in degraded image quality due to conversion of the image format. Yes, it works even though you only selected one file. Anonymous May 16, at 9: Robertson October 11, at