Technology: VCL, Product: Installation (VCL), Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite. Technology: VCL, Product: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite v and ExpressQuantumGrid. Today I installed ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite by using DevExpressVCLProductsexe. Installation was.

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This feature is automatic and available skite writing a single line of code. You’d use a bound mode to only load the records that the grids displays, duite After you have performed the mentioned steps, TestComplete will be able to access internal objects, methods and properties and recognize QuantumGrid controls in the application under test.

Only a windows worth of data is in memory at any given time most decent engines will also have a buffer so there’s a bit more loaded as well and initial access is pretty much instantaneous.

It’s very easy to use NET component suite and if so would they reccomend one.

Preparing Application With QuantumGrid Controls for TestComplete

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the various grids out there and there are more based on TStringGrid or a company’s equivalent than on DBGrid. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the various grids out there and there are more based on TStringGrid or a company’s equivalent than on DBGrid.

Before delivering the release version of your application, remember to compile the QuantumGrid package and your project without debug info to reduce the application size.


Ultimately, the grid is designed to allow you to do what you want and not to be at the mercy of someone else. For me the big problem with the stringgrid based DBGrid was the fact that the display and underlying dataset can be out of sync, and if you use it in unbound mode it WILL be out of sync.

Your end users can see data in a group, and they can also see the summary values for each group. How to solve this problem? Phrase searches are enclosed in either single or double quotes. See related articles to this posting.

That is, it looks like Then, you need to modify your project in order to include debug information in the tested applicationand re-build the application. But price isn’t everything; Devexpress has comprehensive documentation and context sensitive help.

Hi zuite, I’d like to start using some DB-aware components in the new applications I’m about to write. Everything needed to be more efficient.

Just two property settings I would really like to suits to the DevExpress package, but I just saw they removed the ability to buy seperate packages. Essentially then you have a loaded stringgrid not a DBGrid. Any experience or preference with these? You can finally do what has been so sorely needed in VCL grids Since I only have experience with the DevExpress grid, and I don’t have the time to test other ones, and since the DevExpress one has been expressquantumrid often, I think I’ll go for this one At that point the grid has all the data loaded.


Highlight search results Highlight search results. However, I am sick of re-installing XE2 so have given up on that one. I hate to tell them that all I have to do is drop a grid in place and its done, got to keep some of the mystery going. Using data aware editor components in the grid is easier and more intuitive in Devexpress, IMO. NET Component Suite to use?

It hasn’t been anywhere near as a expressquantumggrid outcome as I had hoped. These In-place editors were designed specifically for the ExpressQuantumGrid. Please visit our new home community.

Free DevExpress Addons

NET components from it. Editing the grid in unbound mode means you are responsible for updating correct record in the underlying dataset.

From the way you draw the header, to the spacing of the columns using the AutoWidth feature. Runtime Summaries for Grouped Nodes so you can summarize information and eliminate the need to write complex banded reports using a traditional report writer. They have the cxGridNNN. I still get a lot of access violations using the TMS components, but that is probably also down to me.

Methods that make your job easier They are shown in toolbox choose item optionas COM component, not as. The error generated by the Zip attachment is: Change the compiler expressquantumgrie to generate debug information for the QuantumGrid control.