The exacqVision VMS software records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays on a free Windows, Linux or OSX client software. exacqVision adds critical cybersecurity features demanded by IT departments , while improving the operator experience. The VMS supports. Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision further simplifies the experience by allowing users to specify the language they want the exacqVision .

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Push individual live cameras or an entire view of live cameras to another exacqVision user or public view monitor. Another cybersecurity best practice is to require users to choose passwords which contain a exacsvision, capital letter, and a symbol. Export Save a picture or video, print a picture or export video files to easily be used for investigations.

The latest release of Exacq Mobile allows you to continuously play video from your mobile exwcqvision without having to periodically interact with it to prevent it from sleeping. Define maps for rapid navigation of cameras according to their physical location.

Set up notification exacqvisoin once for all exacqVision servers in the enterprise system. It has the same CPU and RAM requirements as a client workstation, which vary based on resolution and quantity of simultaneous camera streams. Using Exacq Mobile to view live and recorded video from up to 48 cameras on your mobile device can be a huge productivity saver.

This can save significant network bandwidth, and also ensures your exacqvizion are secured when they are not actively being used. However, manually assigning these privileges to each of the groups available was often time-consuming and prone to error.

Easily search an access control badge number to obtain video of all entry points a specific employee has accessed, exacqvsion without the exacsvision to set up metadata alarm events. A new low contrast GUI option helps decreases operator fatigue and improves attention to detail in darkened environments. The ability to enable or disable this auto-populate feature gives users ultimate control over which cameras make up their layouts without disrupting those from other Groups or Views.

Prove that cameras are always recording without consuming lots of storage space. This software performs basic tasks, such as monitoring live videos and administration work in a simple manner.


ESM allows users to:. This solution allows customers to store an offsite vmz of video as a safeguard against natural disasters, theft and other events, all while reducing capital expenses and increasing accessibility.

Here are some other reasons to purchase this software:.

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Integrations with new camera models from: More Powerful and Efficient User Management for Enterprise System Manager Highly customized device level permissions for specific user groups on ESM Administrators can now assign highly customized device level permissions — whether video, audio, serial, or soft triggers — for specific user groups in ESM. Multi-Level Mapping Create hierarchical nesting of maps for faster camera and device navigation.

Visit our IP Camera database to check for support and integration details. Improved frame rendering, clear status and error info Frame sharing when duplicate streams are selected, and improved frame rendering all greatly enhance the Exacq Mobile performance. More Intuitive, Global Experience.

The web service is typically installed on the exacqVision video server. Automatically finds, assigns and addresses certain IP cameras to the network. The trial license expires after 45 days, but it can be extended with approval from sales.

Visit our IP Camera database to check for support and integration details. Page loaded from us. However, when your installation includes hundreds of cameras exacqviskon multiple servers, it is more complex.

ExacqVision VMS Software: Reasons to Buy

Timeline Search Use the timeline search feature to quickly find video and audio for a single camera or an entire view. Focused on enhancing usability, exacqVision 8.

Setting device permissions is extremely intuitive with the list of devices grouped by NVR. Camera Integrations With this release, exacqVision adds more than new camera models bringing the total number to more than 3, cameras. EasyConnect provides the power of IP cameras with the simplicity of analog cameras.

Quickly configure notification rules on all servers. Manually control PTZ cameras or define and call up presets or tours of presets. Like all Exacq recorders, the new models include a 3-year warranty and 3-year SSA for all cameras on the system. The exacqVision Z-Series enterprise-class recorder provides the highest performance, reliability and capacity for the most demanding applications. Once users opt into this feature, exacqVision will automatically notify them when client or server updates are available for download, ensuring their system is always kept up-to-date.


Displays search results in list format with an animated thumbnail of the associated video. The latest release of ESM provides an intuitive and flexible way to set up and schedule configuration backups.

exacqVision adds features to address cybersecurity and user experience |

Powerful, Reliable Solution As part of the A-Series dxacqvision of recorders, the new front-accessible recorders feature the same high-performance, feature-rich reliability. Event Duration Rules exacqVision now offers additional flexibility when configuring events. The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn.

Send email notifications as a response to input events, motion event, alarm events and more. Creating security solutions and recording with high quality IP video surveillance cameras are just some of the exacqvisioj reasons you will want to purchase this software. For example, a user can set an email notification to be sent whenever a particular camera has gone ten minutes without recording video.

More Efficient User Experience Search video by intrusion and access events You can now leverage event data from intrusion and access exaxqvision systems to improve exacqVision search results edacqvision provide a comprehensive security picture. A new overflow menu prevents too many associations from taking up the entire screen, and a new wheel menu allows users to more intuitively interact with associations.

Basic Tasks This software performs basic tasks, such as monitoring live videos and administration work in a simple manner. The user experience of configuring audio, trigger, and alarm inputs and outputs has been improved with the release of exacqVision 9. Administrators can now better monitor server activity by logging more detailed system information, such as which segments of a recorded video clip were watched and by whom, and then export that information in rxacqvision variety of report formats.

ESM allows users to: With Exacq Mobile 9. Select Default Client Language. Receive an email notification when a system is experiencing hardware failures or other health events.