Sophia Waterhouse is being Hunted and the only man who can save her is the one she fears the most 2: Hunted. Copyright © by Evangeline Anderson Click HERE to join for FREE books and all the latest news on new releases. A desperate girl on the run with nowhere to hide A warrior who has made a vow never to claim a bride Sophia Waterhouse is being Hunted. Read “Hunted: Book 2 Brides of the Kindred” by Evangeline Anderson with Rakuten Kobo. Sophia Get $5 off your first eBook; Get your first audiobook for free.

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Then you get the Dark Twin Deep who is stand-offish, a bit of an arsehole, but you can see and feel that he’s just pure sex, that he loves to possess and dominate. I couldn’t stop laughing. I think the sex scenes in these stories are done better, however. This is what I call innocent erotica.

At that moment, with Sophia willingly in his arms and her sweet feminine fragrance invading his senses, he knew he could die a happy and contented male.

Fantasy World Hunted exists in a sci fi world where aliens battle it out in the space around Earth. You know its there, they sort of unconsciously calm and ease each other worries.

The book ends with the third friend who seemed the most reasonable of the three disliking these twin guys for doing a psychic link to save Sophia that has made her know their thoughts and even though this has never happened to them before, she’s angry that it’s happening at all and they must be to blame.

It kept me on my toes the entire time, and had some really great seduction scenes.

We get to travel to Sylvan’s home planet, learn a little more about the AllFather and his son Xairn, and even get evagneline set-up for book three, which will deal with Kat and her two twin-hotties. Sophie has been fighting her attraction to Sylvan, as they grow closer she wants to bond with him except one thing. Claimed by Her Mates.


Hunted (Brides of the Kindred, #2) by Evangeline Anderson

To his surprise her fingertips were wet. We see Sophia as strong albeit a little erratic and fanatical in her need to get her twin back from one of the Kindred. Sophia Waterhouse has always been afraid of needles and vampires evanheline there’s no way she wants anything to do with a modern day Count Dracula-even if he does come wrapped in the package of a huge Kindred warrior with blond hair and ice blue eyes.

The heroine is inexperienced and the final seduction scene nearly ma Hunted is book 2 in Anderson’s erotic sci-fi series.

The pattern of the eager and ever-faithful male warrior and the freee Earth woman is back, but Anderson puts enough of a spin on it to keep it interesting. qnderson

Hunted (Brides of the Kindred #2) by Evangeline Anderson

We know that he has those dark desires deep within him, those that come with his father’s blood, but he locks them down and is determined not to be like his father. Both the hero and heroine have a greater challenge to overcome adding more depth to the plot. The story itself – I kept on forgetting I was reading a scifi novel. Chained View in iTunes. Hunted could also be renamed Tease. Book 2 Brides of the Kindred Back to Romance.

The result was never pleasant and often bloody. Thank you Evangline for the hours of adventure. Sophia WaterhouseSylvan. But Sophia was nodding. After a devastating rejection on his home planet, his heart is a block of ice no one can melt—or so he thinks until he meets Sophia. They only have eachother to depend on, and they soon realize that the feelings that they’re trying to fight are too strong not to persue.


Good story, definitely interested in what comes next. I really enjoyed this book. Clearly she was too firmly cocooned in nearly-wedded bliss to worry about the severe emotional trauma she was about to inflict on her twin. Sylvan is a tranq kindred who’s made a vow to never take a bride. If you have any questions please send evangrline novelsbuzz [at] gmail [dot] com.

She was the most annoying person ever, to read about. Still even cheesier than the first. Montemayor rated it it was amazing Shelves: Already have an account? After the wedding Sylvan has offered to see Sophia home but on the way they are huunted kidnapped and that puts them on the run. Needles, fangs, sharpie pens, sharp edges, sharp retorts you get the point. I love how he goes into Rage Mode when her life is in evangeeline its so alpha, and I love my alphas!!!!

Sophia and Sylvan are having to interact because of their siblings are getting married and they are in the wedding party.

Sophia is a heroine that I supported, even more than her sister, Olivia, before her. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the kindred series. Something bad happened in her past, but the way she’s freaking out about everything, including squeaking constantly when she accidentally touches a scrape is getting a little irritating.

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Yes if you are after a sci fi erotic romance story.