Previously I have always used Eurolites and have been disappointed by the deflectors – easy to follow the instructions & position correctly (seemed easier than. Travelspot Travel Spot Eurolites N Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe With so many different headlight design it is hard to have clear instructions. Eurolites Headlamp Beam Deflectors Safely Deflects Headlamp Beam when HID Headlamps Contains Comprehensive Fitting Instructions for + Vehicles.

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When buying this product, why not consider the new DriveRight – Lane Safety Device, this device acts as a constant reminder to help keep you on the right side of the road when driving in Europe. Generally, the Adaptor will fit in the same position NOT the opposite position on each of the two Headlamps.

Now follow the flow chart below:. I followed the instructions but wasn’t entirely happy with the result. I know the plastic masks are a tad expensive but they provide excellent coverage and you can still see perfectly to drive by which you may not get if you just stick them on anywhere to fool the police.

This can be achieved as follows: They are counterfeit… so please: Now follow the flow chart below: Sorry I have to say this: My main concern was safety and do not want to instrudtions road users on the “wrong” side of the eurolitees.

Hymer B Dynamic Line, hp Auto. Car Bulbs with Blue Tint. It’s a common complaint that foreign drivers visiting the UK seem to have immunity to driving offences that UK drivers visiting the Continent get prosecuted for. Fine if your opinion is that it looks horrible.


View Watch all 5 Quick Fit Videos Hi, As Rupert says with the Fiat headlight protectors, they have the marks where you fit the reflectors. These had the masks for continental driving. Edited by Derek Uzzell 9: Car Bulbs by Fitment. Printer friendly instructiions E-mail a link to this thread Jump to forum: Canada Goose jackor dam.

Send them back to the seller and demand a refund.

Ticket Clip – Ticket Holder. Company Registered in England no. Ideally, the engine should be left running during this process to ensure maximum beam clarity. Perhaps if you actually knew the product ie the protectors, then you would know that the black bits on the photo was not a ‘pennies worth of sticky tape’ as you implied, but the actual correctly shaped reflectors that come with the protectors – part of the kit.

Recent developments in Headlight technology have meant we have added a number of new diagrams to our instruction sheet.

Eurolites Fitting Instructions Pdf

Deflector or mask does not matter which both are only a compromise but you have made the effort. Does anyone have any advice on the correct way of fitting.

Please get your facts correct before putting someone down in what I find such a disrespectful way, not because you called it horrible your entitled to your opinionbut implying that for the sake of ‘4 quid’, they have ruined the look of their 50k motorhome. That is your own opinion and I instrucions never suggest different.

Magnetic St George’s Flag. About Us Contact Us. View Latest Fitting Information Latest list of vehicles How to use the Fitting Leaflet Nike Huarache homme pas cher.


Lenny, the problem with shooting from the hip, is that the aim is often poor! Before you all shout at me I know that this has been covered before but the search facility went kaput on me! Atleast they and others who have these protectors on their vehicles which includes me are showing consideration to other motorists by knowing that they have the deflectors in the correct position and aren’t blinding all on-coming night traffic in Europe.

Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning | VW California Owners Club

Vernon B – 7: Eurolites Headlamp Beam Adaptors [Click image to close] By law, at any time – day or night, when driving euroliets Europe you must convert your headlamps to avoid dazzling other road users. Failure to adapt your headlamps will render your vehicle unfit for the road and could leave you open to prosecution.

V Because we let him! But to go on and say that ‘rather than spend 4 quid to the job properly you use a pennies worth of sticky tape’ is very disrespectful in the least.

Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning

The position is not critical as it only needs to stop the beam defecting to the left. These are specifically for Instruction use and include multi-lingual instructions for ALL truck specification headlights. Bug Shifter Screen Sponge. Total peace of mind and security with our ’60 day returns policy’ on all purchases.