Erwin Panofsky. Teubner, QR code for Die Perspektive als “symbolische Form”. Title, Die Perspektive als “symbolische Form”. Author, Erwin Panofsky. Point of departure for this critical approach is Erwin Panofsky’s essay Die Perspektive als ‘symbolische Form’, published in His essay analyses the pictorial. AbstrAct Erwin Panofsky’s essay “Perspective as Symbolic Form” from is among the E. Panofsky, “Die Perspektive als symbolische Form.” Vorträge der.

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Erwin Panofsky’s Perspective as Symbolic Form is one of the great works of modern intellectual history, the legendary text that has dominated all art historical and philosophical discussions on the topic of perspective in this century. Finally available in English, it is an unrivaled example of Panofsky’s early method that placed him within broader developments in theories of knowledge and cultural change.

Here, drawing on a massive body of learning that ranges over Antique philosophy, theology, science, and optics as well as the history of art, Panofsky produces a type of “archaeology” of Western representation that far surpasses the usual scope of art historical studies.

Perspective in Panofsky’s hands becomes a central component of a Western “will to form,” the expression of a schema pdrspektive the social, cognitive, psychological, and especially technical practices of a given culture into harmonious and integrated wholes. Yet the perceptual schema of each historical culture or epoch is different, and each gives rise to a different but equally full vision of the world. Panofsky articulates these different spatial systems, demonstrating their particular coherence and compatibility with the modes of knowledge, belief, and exchange that characterized the cultures in which they arose.


Our own modernity, Panofsky shows, is characterized by its peculiarly mathematical expression of the concept of the infinite, within a space that is necessarily both continuous and homogeneous. Geben Sie Pwnofsky Mobiltelefonnummer ein, um die kostenfreie App zu beziehen.

It first appeared in Drawing on a body of learning that ranges over antique philsophy, theology, science and optics as well as the history of art, the author produces a type of “archaeology” of Western representation. He demonsrates how the perceptual schema of each historical culture or epoch is unique.

Pictorial space as a media phenomenon: the case of ‘Landscape’ in Romano-Campanian wall-painting

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Die Perspektive als symbolische Form. Alle kostenlosen Kindle-Leseanwendungen anzeigen.

Sie haben symbolisvhe Kindle? Hier kaufen oder eine gratis Kindle Lese-App herunterladen. Pressestimmen ” Here at last is a published translation of this classic essay, available for many years in every major European language except English.

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A comprehensive review of the thought behind mathematical perspective and how it differs from our empirical experience.


Die Perspektive als “symbolische Form” – Erwin Panofsky – Google Books

Explains how the concept of the infinate has forever altered the way in which we represent space in pictures. Short essay with extensive end notes. Eine Person fand diese Informationen hilfreich. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. A classic essay on the relation of perspective geometry to philosophical and art-historical issues of its day, translated from German. There’s nothing not to like about it, when the book arrived, it looked brand new even down the how it smelled.

Glad I bought it.

Early Visual Cultures and Panofsky’s Perspektive als ‘symbolische Form’

One of the most interesting problems we had in our drawing class was regarding linear perspective and I picked up this book hoping that it would go in detail about perspective in historical and cultural context and it did! This book is written by and for educated man. The translation is great and I finished the book in one reading because it was so compelling. It is above and beyond the mere mechanics of horizon lines and vanishing points.

The end notes are great too. A must read for all art lovers.


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