Get this from a library! Starac i more. [Ernest Hemingway]. Title, Starac i more. Biblioteka izabranih djela. Author, Ernest Hemingway. Publisher, Svjetlost, ISBN, X, Length, 92 pages. Ernest Hemingway. Svjetlost, – Starac i more · Ernest Hemingvej No preview available – Bibliographic information. QR code for Starac i more.

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I haven’t truly enjoyed any of his books. This novella is about courage and will power, suffering, old age and loneliness. All the symbolism that people say is shit.

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Which is a super long time not to catch a fish when all you do in life is catch fish. Thank goodness that I was never forced to read this in school. Denzel Washington’s character in The Equalizer was reading this book so I figured I’d give a few classics a try so I decided to read this.

My first Hemingway and he is boring me. Videos About This Book. Like his so many stories it’s a tale of a heroic struggle but only inasmuch as a frail-legged ant suffers to get a tiny lump of sugar to its colony to claim its superiority on the lesser types.

And all the babbling on.

Starac i more

The one recurring thought I had during this book was: This novella or short novel takes the load from us for a moment. Lashed alongside the sharks had hit him and the old man had fought them out alone in the Gulf Stream in a skiff, clubbing them, stabbing at them, lunging at them with an oar until he was exhausted and the sharks had eaten all that they could hold.

In the interest of reading a wider variety of things, I snapped this up like an eighteen-foot marlin bites a baited hook.


mroe We can have souls that are as beautiful as the sea. It was simple, without any elegant prose, but it was somehow beautiful. It seems the boy is more hemiingway to be a fisherman. View all 36 comments. Trivia About The Old Man and t So it is man vs whatever. This book is exquisitely painful and boring Trivia About The Old Man and t Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His wartime experiences formed the basis for his novel A Farewell to Arms.

I liked it, though. I was disappointed and annoyed. To make you think and ponder deeply about the events in the story which may appear superficial and boring at the surface but dense and philosopical in their deeper meanings.

In the first forty days a boy had been with him. I should have counted how many times he said “I wish the boy were here. His wartime experiences formed the atarac for his novel A Farewell to Arms. The boy may also be the motivator for at least of some of his soul-searching. Was Ernest symbolizing the fish, and comparing to the old man? The currents does not deter, it only takes up sstarac space.

This book may be considered a “Classic” by some, but, to me, it was just an utter waste of my time. Preview — Starac i more by Ernest Hemingway. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Starac i more by Ernest Hemingway (4 star ratings)

And apologies to my American friends, to whom this is probably quite heretical! I hardly leave a book unfinished, bud I did this time, I may come back to it some time. Many of these are considered classics of American literature. It is his last illustration of the utterly courageous and fatalistic figure: I was not pleased. Which is only something a man deeply discontent and frustrated with life would do. The Old Man and The Sea was so short but yet so bizarre and complex at the same time, managing to read this in one setting with minimal distraction on the last day of summer break was definitely some form of accomplishment.


Books by Ernest Hemingway. It was a pleasure to read and a magnificent book,but i have noticed the other reviews of this book marking it as “bad” or “waste of time” i would like to ztarac if my understanding of it correct,just what exactly was the purpose or message behind this book exactly?

I loved English lit classes. Perhaps I am too influenced by my time to be persuaded erneet this idea This is my first experience of The Old Man and the Sea, and I struggled.

The waves rise with the intensity of the music. If people bring so much courage to this world the world has to kill them to break them, ernsst of course it kills them.

Everything was meant to be as it was, and nothing different. Sebuah paragraf dalam bahasa asli novel ini: If he does not do that maybe he will come up with the sunrise. I like how it can be read as exactly what it is and nothing more, or as something layered and complex. The beauty of this hemijgway is the inner struggling of the old man, keep fighting and fighting against the world and himself until the end.

Is it to have one longer day? However, The Old Man and the Sea has made me a believer.