– Inheritance Cycle 4-book Trade Paperback Boxed Set [Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance] . Eragon Mostenirea Vol 1 [Romanian Edition] (Paperback ). Barnes and Noble Collector’s Edition Eragon promo, preorder B&N Eragon. Preorder Barnes and Noble’s Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Eragon! Eragon ( Book One); Eldest (Book Two); Brisingr (Book Three); Inheritance (Book Four). Concurs Mostenirea (Ciclul Mostenirea vol. #4) de Christopher Paolini. Descriere editura: A început cu Eragon Şi se încheie cu Moştenirea.

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We get a much better idea of the Varden good and bad and I loved learning more about the dwarves. I kept picturing Eragon fighting in style slo-mo! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I wish people could have a person with whom they could connect with on the level of a Rider and his dragon. He was more experiencing the ravages of time without the benefit of the magic he had his whole life.

Nasuada, who takes over the Varden and she is a great character that you wanna root for. If Eldest was made into a movie I think John Malkovich would be a good actor to play the role of the evil king Galbotorix. At the end of this book, there are three heartbroken living creatures: This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Oromis is not supposed to be dying.

Its like Paolini wanted this obvious twist in his story so badly that he disregarded all reason.


Finally, some real meat to the relationships between characters, the government of Alagaesia, and the drive toward battle. But the highlight has to be Eragon and Saphira!

So they must abandon all they own and know, their homes and lands, and make hard decisions, to fight and even kill! I was at times more interested in Roran than I was in Eragon. I really hope people decide to give more attention to this series!


The first half felt so dark and hopeless, then finally you started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although the added vocabulary can be a bit draining at times. View all 8 comments.

Cartea primului nascut (Mostenirea, #2) by Christopher Paolini (5 star ratings)

I found it all very interesting and it kept my attention as much as the first, if not more. Cavalerii Dragonilor au aparut cu mii de ani in urma, pe vremea razboiului necrutator dintre elfi si dragoni. Tom Cruise would be a good erafon to play the role mosteenirea Murtagh.

It picks up exactly where the first book left off. I wish I could ha It only took me forever to finish this book!!!! Serena I would pick up the book from the library and write it out so you know it’s right.

Christopher Paolini: Biography, Influences, and a List of Books by Author Christopher Paolini

Not dying but not whole. I read the first book a few years back, and I’m only now just getting to book 2. So he leads what is left of his village away to safety. The book may be boring in the middle ,but the first few chapters and the last chapters make up for that.

Chris Egan and Garrett Hedlund should have switched roles. Soon it will snap and madness mkstenirea burst forth. Make sure you’ve got a bottle of No-Doze handy Step 7: In volumul al doilea al eeagon Mostenirea, Eragon, Biruitorul-Umbrei, porneste spre tinutul Ellesmera, salasul elfilor, pentru a-si desavarsi ucenicia.

To view it, click here.


View all 27 comments. Meanwhile Eragons cousin, Roan comes back to Carvahall to find his father dead and Eragon missing. This book over all is a good read but in some parts it can get boring even erago a fan of the series like me.

I started to get bored about halfway through, until Eragon was “changed” and Roran was in Teirm is where it got interesting. Roran, who goes through hell to come out a changed and hard man, one who would do anything to achieve his goals. Turn phone off and or yank from wall mostemirea place a note on your door saying that your are ill and very contagious not to disturb unless world is coming to and end Home schooled for the duration of his education, Paolini graduated from high school at the age of 15 through a set of accredited correspondence courses from American School of Correspondence in Lansing, Illinois.

He is especially heartened to hear that his books have inspired young people to read and to write stories of their own. The twist at the end of the book is a nice one too! One of the best battles I have ever read! It is excellent, Paolini made a wonderful, inticing book with twists that even I didnt see coming! While it is quite long, it doesn’t feel that way once you get started. This story just got better and better as the book went.