At Equinox, all spots in bookable classes are available for online reservation and once filled, online reservations for the class will close. SCHEDULE A VISIT AND A MEMBERSHIP ADVISOR WILL CONTACT YOU TO Visit the club Class Schedule (PDF) E 61st St, New York, NY Schedule a visit and begin your Equinox experience at our luxury gym on the A vigorous class schedule and inspiring yoga studio round out the experience.

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One way to make those gym moments more pleasant is to sign up for a gym and go to fitness classes — having someone plan an exercise routine, set it up and curate a playlist makes it incredibly easier!

I love them as I literally just have to show up. The BEST part though — is the after-workout. The showers are all clean and stocked with kiehls shower products. My favorite is sitting in the sauna post-workout. Now, with all these goodies comes some hefty sticker shock.

Sign up during a promotion: Check with your employer: Equinox has corporate membership affiliations with hundreds of firms for specially negotiated monthly rates that are deducted straight from your payroll. Some employers offer both a corporate rate at Equinox AND a health incentive, so it pays to find out.

Equinox typically bills you around the 23rd of the month, for the following month. You can also download their handy mobile app, which I use to browse their class schedules across all the various gym locations and add the classes I like to my calendar.

Additionally, after a run, you can take a snapshot of the treadmill screen and the app will convert the image into data. Decide what you want vs. Equinox offers two membership options: While all the gyms are luxurious, some are brand new Bryant Parkothers recently renovated Wall Streetsome have a pool Printing Houseand some are a tad older — the one gym membership is cheaper for the older locations and non-flagship clubs. Brush Up on Your Negotiating Tactics: If you have the cash to spare up front, it could end up being a good deal.

You can call any Equinox gym and let them know what company you work for, and the reps will let you know about your options! I would love to try out the equinox by my office on 44th street.

Would you be able to please get me a guest pass for that location? Are you able to send me a guest pass to the Bryant park location?

How to Get an Equinox Discount

I am thinking of joining but would love to try it out first. Hey I would appreciate it if you could get me a pass to chestnut hill location- I am willing to try, but still icky about initiation fees, hopefully the visit will justify everything: Hey I would appreciate it if you could get me a pass to chestnut hill location in massachusetts — I am willing to try, but still icky about initiation fees, hopefully the visit will justify everything: I would be interested in trying the Brooklyn location for Equinox for VIP 1 week trial, etreet is near my house.


Have been looking for a new gym to join and stumbled upon your blog.

Please email me a pass. Could you get me a pass for Bryant Park strest It would be very helpful to see whether I want to make the commitment! From this post, it seems like the gym for me! I would be interested in trying out the equinox on the upper west side, which is right by work.

Judging by your blog, it would be perfect. My membership is about to be up and I was wondering if you could email me a VIP trial pass so I can try the gym out and see if I want to join? I would achedule love to check out NYC Equinox.

If you need a spec. I am highly interested in joining equinox but I want to try it for a month first. If you could get me a vip trial pass for the gym in palos verdes california I would be so grateful. Are you still able to get guest passes for Equinox?

Hey, I just relocated scheduoe London on business and would like to give equinox a try before I buy. Do you think you can send word for a VIP pass? Thanks for the great article and offer to help with VIP passes!

Hi, your insight was excellent and helpful. As it would be, I am interested and have been interested in trying out Equinox. Please let me know if you can help me with a trial membership as you talked about. Hi Sher, thanks for all sdhedule great info. I would love an Equinox guest pass for West Los Angeles! Your article was very helpful. I live very close to the Equinox Soho and thinking about joining. Would you be able to get me a free trial pass?

Would love a guest pass to the Highland Park location in Dallas if at all possible! Thank you so much in advance. I do not know any members and was hoping to get the trial offer. Can you please send me a VIP trial pass? Hello — thank you for your article!

How to Get an Equinox Discount

Hi, thanks for the great article. I am thinking about joining the 19th St. Thanks for the article: Thanks a bunch, Danielle.


Hello, I live in Westwood, CA. Within two miles of my house, there are three Equinox locations. Are you able to provide passes to each or would one pass enable me to experience all three? Thanks in advance for any insight…. Are you able to get me that? It would be greatly appreciated.

Equinox 63rd street schedule

So happy to find this blog post!!! Thank you for the great info!!! Hi Sher, I would like to visit the Equinox at 63rd st. Is it possible to send me the infer for the VIP trial pass? I would love to try the Brooklyn Heights location and was wondering if you could possibly send me a VIP pass to try it out? I already joined Soul Cycle and I love it!

I want to try the Equinox in 92nd st and Broadway. Could you help with a trial pass? Hi- I would love to tryout the SoHo location and your article gave me the push to finally check it out. Can you send me a VIP pass? I would appreciate it if you could get me a pass for a trial just so I can get the feel for the gym. Thank you for a terrific article. I very excited at the possibility of experiencing an equinox experience.

I would be very thankful if you would forward me the trial membership for Equinox. Thank you very much. In my previous post I forgot to mention the location I am looking to visit. I would like to try out the Soho NYC location. Hi there- I was hoping to try out the 63rd st manhattan location. Is this still possible? Hi I was wondering if I could get a trial pass for the irvine california location? I just moved here and looking for a good gym.

I am seriously considering joining and would love a referral trial pass for the Palo Alto Equinox in California. Do let me know if you are still doing these? I am interested in getting a vip trial pass to the equinox in palo alto, ca.

Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks for the great tips. Thanks for the insights! Wondering if you could recommend a trial for the Kensington London location? Hi, thanks for the tips! Hi, thanks for the post. Thanks for sharing your insights about Equinox. Hi, thank you for the info. The 19th St Equinox is a short hop away from Bluestone […].

Hey Thank you so much for sharing this!