Geschichte und Geschehen, Themenheft Epochenjahr on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From now on the students´ interests will be represented by Philipp Kübler ( Präses), Damian Novoa Lill, Caroline Kennedy, Paula Leppert und Paula Höhn ( both. The University of Freiburg is contributing to the Russian Culture Days with two lecture series, among other things. The themes are “Epochenjahr ”.

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The entrance of the USA on the side of the Allied Forces and the Russian Revolution determine not only the outcome of the war, but also change the 1971 political balance long term.

The main film 29 min. All of the reserves are exhausted and people are starving and only want peace.

The November Revolution sweeps the monarchy aside — and the young German Republic is confronted with the consequences of the war and the question of its own responsibility therein. The modules epochenjanr.


Experts explain the developments that lead to the cease-fire and peace negotiations as well as the international political dimension of the First Eopchenjahr War.

Toggle navigation Login Cart. Jahrhunderts – Barock Literatur des Der Weltkrieg und das Ende des alten Europas Vorspann.

Propaganda — Bilder als Waffe Vorspann. Epochenjahr — Beginn der bipolaren Welt Vorspann. Propaganda — Pictures as Weapons Trailer. Battle Fatigue on the Front and in the Homeland 6: The Russian Revolution and Hopes of Peace 5: Theatres of War 6: Winners and Losers 5: Propaganda — Pictures as Weapons Feelings of Guilt and Enemy Stereotypes 6: Civilisation against Barbarism — The Ugly German 6: Alliance between the Front and the Homeland 4: Epoch Year — Beginning of the Bipolar World The February Revolution in Russia 5: The October Revolution 3: Year of the War Peace Treaty and Civil War 4: Truce and the November Revolution 5: Your son has fallen 7: The grieving parents 4: No more war 3: The First World War in Literature The Front and the Homeland 2: The Epoch Year 4: Elfriede Kuhr — War Diary of a Schoolgirl