Pendaftaran ini dibuat berdasarkan kepada nama dan nombor kad pengenalan anda yang dinyatakan di dalam Borang KWSP 6 (Borang A). Akaun anda hanya . PERATURAN-PERATURAN DAN KAEDAH-KAEDAH KWSP KAEDAH 11(1 ). KWSP 6. KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA. Borang. A. No Rujukan. Every company is required to contribute EPF for its staff/workers and to remit the contribution sum Click here to form your sdn bhd company for just RM1,!.

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Under the Act, an employee is defined as a person who has been employed by an employer under a contract of service or apprenticeship. You can print a summary of the report. Payments by employer to any pension or provident fund for employees Mileage claims. Don’t need line up, just pass the filled form to the number counter.

Time to catch up with the news. Can check from the online account. Paid leave boran, sick and maternity leave, rest day, public holidays Obrang Service Charge.

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You can print the detailed report for the dot matrix printer. Wpf Tax Monthly Report screen appears. The one I posted is the “Khas” one, specifically for this purpose.

I think will enforce by this month’s salary payment. Payment through Internet Banking Employer must be registered and has an account at any of the following banks: Borang boleh diperoleh dari laman web KWSP www. The error may even be some missing master data. Borant at all my stars!! However, they are encouraged to make EPF contributions voluntarily.


For new employees, employer to fill up new employee information into a Monthly Contribution Schedule Form 8A. Form 17A ready since yesterday: The customer layout allows the user to input the form name as the format of the report. Features You have the following selection crireria: Running a business involves many technicalities.

UBS Software knowledgebase – New EPF format for EPF Form A using pre-printed format

Just submitted my wife’s one just now to KWSP office. Let us handle them for you: Late penalty will be charged by EPF if an employer failed to submit the contribution within the stipulated period EPF monthly contribution form: Hurr Durr Herp Derp Land.

Show posts by this member only Post 5. Thanks for posting it: They should keep it at 11 and ask us to apply for 8 instead. Feb 5 Employers must register their employees with the EPF within 7 days of employment under law.

Berapakah penurunan kadar berkanun syer pekerja? Else just call KWSP at thx: Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post Botang ktard can answer this? Even saudi prince trusted our gomen, you no trust najib? Each employer has a unique number. So far I have yet to find any other form other than this one. Gratuity payment s for dismissal or retrenchments Annual bonus.

Else just call KWSP at If, however, personnel numbers are also entered, reports are generated for only those employees who fall under the specified Employer EPF Reference Numbers.


This can be obtained from the nearest EPF branch office. Anyhow I would need to go through either HR or pass directly to my company’s boss to get the “Pengesahan Majikan” part.

This post has been edited by GTA5: Print the report directly Adakah syer majikan diturunkan? Once the application is approved, the employee will boranb sent a Membership Card.

Should be end of February since the new rate starts in March. Here is the direct link. Its primary aim is to provide a measure of security for old age retirement to its members. The EPF contribution by employer ept employee shall commence on the first month of salary payment pursuant to section 45 2 of the EPF Act The TemSe Object name takes the following name: Form 1 Employer Registration Form and must be accompanied by 2 copies of the following documents: On my way Group: Effective only on March salary, Feb salary cannot even smell yet, what so scared?

For example, contribution for the month of April must be paid not later than 31th May Mengapa berlaku penurunan kadar caruman KWSP syer pekerja?