Teacher and novelist François Bégaudeau plays a version of himself as he negotiates a year with his racially mixed students from Entre les murs (original title). Entre les murs (Collection Folio (Gallimard)) (French Edition) [Francois Begaudeau] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book that. Entre les murs: Scenario de Francois Begaudeau, Laurent Cantet et Robin Campillo [Laurent Cantet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Entre les murs (novel)

Frequently Asked Questions Q: All the students but one have left the classroom. And yet if what he’s after is that awful youthful inability to convey one’s emotions and thoughts, especially at the remove of a second a language The film is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. After receiving his degree in Literature, he taught high school in Dreux and in an inner frznois middle school in Paris. He thought the film was nostalgic.

Entre les murs (novel) – Wikipedia

The movie, at least, has a reputation as being an unflinching look at socioeconomic divisions, so I was surprised by how aloof the book turned out to be. I have not read a translation for a long time. Toronto Film Critics Association.

The Class – Canada. Franoos teachers collectively want to inspire their students, but each teacher is an individual who will do things in his or her own way to achieve the results they desire.

Entre les murs

But there was no sense of mission. His students’ lack of common knowledge about the world and the way it works was sometimes astounding.


May 24, Anne-Charlotte rated it really liked it. And, teaching is a lot easier when you can lecture, order dictation, and go off on infinite tangents without so much of a whiff of administration interference. Also, the teachers themselves seemed to be spoiled, egotistical, narcissistic versions of their own students.

The Class ( film) – Wikipedia

Henriette, the silent girl who enntre she has learned nothing. A loner, he walks the narrow line between maintaining discipline and gaining co-operation.

I had a taste for discussion and I liked the idea of discussing literary texts with children. I’m not saying that such schools don’t exist, but rather, why did Philibert decide to film such a school, a place where there is no violence, no ethnic tensions? Burak, top boy of the class. No characters stood out, and there was no excitement.

Never are we further in the film from the Robin Williams model of celluloid pedagogy; never has an authority figure in the classroom been so painfully exposed. Certe volte molte volte nelle librerie fa la sua comparsa un libro inutile.

Carl has been inspired by science experiments in his chemistry class, Khoumba has warmed to music and enjoyed learning Spanish, Esmerelda pretends to have learned nothing but then admits that she has been reading Plato’s Republic and is gripped by the character of Socrates. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Cantet risked much by concocting such a schoolroom drama because his film would be judged against other great pictures in the genre: I found the film more effective, in that ffranois teenage pupils who improvised their role for weeks to get into their parts are very dntre, while the inspired bgaudeauu Laurent Cantet manages to select characters and scenes from the book to create a much stronger narrative than the original.


The style is different, but the reader gets use to it very quickly.

And there are times when a teacher would like to tell a student she is acting like a “skank” – or whatever – because she is! It’s aimed at getting a reaction, so the teacher must try not to give the student what they want. L’ennesimo caso eclatante di titolo che tradisce lo spirito autentico della versione francese: The film presents a growing challenge for educators of today. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

No one talks about the fact that Erin Gruwell the teacher featured in “Freedom Writers Diary” only taught for the four years that she had this particular group of kids and that it is rare to be able to work with the same group of students for their entire high school experience.

After they have all left the room, a quiet girl called Henriette comes back and despondently claims that she really has not learned anything at all. Retrieved from ” https: It does help to have some working knowledge of Franoos, if just to understand why teachers are upset when a students uses “tu” and not “vous”. Cantet’s film introduces parallels of bright adolescent kids being educated in the classroom as Aristotle would have been in Plato’s class.