ENRAF-NONIUS ATG Interface. Tank Gauging Protocols Manual. ENRAF INTRODUCTION. The interface between BBI’s Network // Honeywell Enraf ATG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honeywell Enraf ATG Installation Manual. Honeywell Enraf series ATG servo gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level MB; Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge ATG Manual.

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AR Accept reference By giving this mahual, the level value entered in item RL, is accepted as level value and will be shown on the display.

Mounting a pressure gauge set 1 2 3 4 5 Connect T-piece horizontally to drum house. It is coupled to the ATG via an infra-red coupling.

Page 16 Commissioning 3. If that is not correct, enter the engraved drum circumference.

Honeywell Enraf ATG Manuals

Commissioning Page 20 Example: Wait until the displacer is settled. A magnetic coupling transfers the drum movement hence, displacer movement to electronic compartment. If the unbalance is still more than 3 grams replace the drum bearings refer to section 5. Additional measurement snraf items, such as temperature items, can also be protected by password 2.


Enraf servo 854ATG install guide

Because of sludge, the motor limit switch low must be set on mm. Use non-sparking tools and explosion proof testers.

The transmission address identifies the gauge on the Honeywell Enraf 2-wire field bus. These items all have unique 2-letter abbreviations which allow easy access and programming. Open electronic compartment of the gauge. This device is placed above the motor limit switch high position.

If a quad cable is used and all four cores are twisted together, use two opposite cores for Honeywell Enraf field bus lines and the two others for mains. Caution If the motor block needs to be removed, first remove the measuring drum refer to section enraaf.

Enraf servo ATG install guide |

Interface 2 I2 is a setting for a special measurement i. The ATG can be supplied with an optional board called: Let it stop against the flange or give a FR freeze command.

DA Displacer area Standard floating point format; units: Operation Page 30 4. If there is no inspection hatch, try to mount the gauge sideways, next to the original 2″ flange.

The lock test function is cancelled when the magnet is removed. Low low level alarm set point.


Each gauge must have a unique address, and hence TA must be programmed differently. QS in section 6. When the measured displacer weight is too far out of range, the gauge is probably not levelled within 2. Besides the error codes, data items from level and optional functions such as temperature and analog level output contain one or more status bytes which also give valuable information.

Tank identifier programmed as TK Lock test limit switch level is set between maximum operating level and MH. Calculate the immersion depth of the displacer at the product interface for a 90 mm displacer use 3 mm; for a 45 mm displacer use 12 mm.

The dip mode is cancelled when one of the interface measurements is selected. Check item DP, then give the setting with the correct decimal separator. Take off the ATG, raising the displacer above the connecting flange. Only active when level dimension is metres.