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If you find this interesting read on. For example, Level L aajndas allow you to encode 4, characters, while Level H only allows for 1, characters. The following example is an interesting photo QR code. Understanding QR Codes This is a very comprehensive QR Code Primer that will provide you with a solid understanding of the technology — book mark it for future reference.

Afrika Gazetesi 31-07 – 2010

Level Q and H are for dirty environments, as in manufacturing plants. Micro QR codes have a very small footprint and were designed to encode small amounts of data, such as a serial number. So, what are these codes?

While this particular QR code represents only 12 text characters, they have the ability to encode up to: This QR code contains my personal contact information, and required 49 rows and columns to encode the information. This unadorned code can be visually modified to a certain extent.


Yorum yapmak ve bana bildirin. The number of alignment patterns bbilgiler depends upon how much information is being encoded. This allows for the delivery of larger data sets that can more easily be decoded. They can also be used digitally — you can append a QR code to a Tweet, or they can be displayed on a web page to transfer contact information directly to the cell phone, for example.

Once the QR code has b. How do you plan to use them? Burdaki Filmler Tanitim Amaciyla Sunulmustur. As well, there are many sources for free QR Code Readers for your specific smart phone.

This technology will increasingly play an enabling role in future mobile strategy for product sales, information access and promotional programs. In addition, we have we have Google embracing the technology in the Android OSand Facebook has been experimenting with these codes as well. The following QR code is an example of version eight, and contains alphanumeric text. They have been described as paper-based hyperlinks, and this is a good description.

A basic QR code contains five major sections that provide the following functions: A QR code is a square with an equal number of rows and columns.


Understanding QR Codes/ QR kodlarini anlamak ve hakkinda hersey

This also provides many more printing options when all you have is a small linear space to insert your QR codes. Nov 3, at This technology is blurring the distinction between smart teknii, digital destination and content, and paper-based communication mediums. They start at 21 rows and columns, and increment by fours.

However this is not a problem because the information is recreated by the Solomon-Reed error correction code used in the technology. The platform allows you to use two, four or eight colored triangle in a grid matrix. ajansas

This new code has the following characteristics: It is widely thought that the telecoms will start making QR code readers a standard app on most cell phones in the near future. Search marketers are interested in print-based hyperlinks: The next size up is 25 rows and columns, and the bilggiler after that are 29 rows and columns.

Salon Tv Ekim 10,