Householder’s Guide” and the Borough Council’s own leaflet ‘A The planning application must comprise: 4 copies of the application forms,. 4 copies of the. Walton – Could we be Elmbridge Borough Council’s first BUSINESS Supporting Walton Cricket Club’s Walton Watchdog initiative, an online system enabling. WoTTA, with the support and funding of Elmbridge Borough Council, have plan for the town, with wide support from business, we can apply for funding and.

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Drewitt’s Court In the year since our last ASB tour nothing has been done in this car park and unacceptable behaviour continues, with items being thrown off the car park, people sitting on the dangerously low ledge etc. See our full report on meeting below, and have a look at the presentation that was given to the Police by WoTTA. Details of local authorities are listed hpusing.

Find a home Rent a home. To that end we have developed our Business Plan and share that with you below.

The police – represented by Inspector Sarah Milligan, Sergeant Charlotte Chambers and PC Jo Fahey – explained that there are 14 police on duty at any one time for the whole of Elmbridge, with a wide area to cover but there are other resources they can call on in an emergency. It paints a clear picture of the problems we are encountering in Walton. To that end we were delighted to be able to pursuade Richard Meade to join us on the Steering Committee with responsibility for the Business Plan.

A coundil option is to also get the police to create a Niche Report – a multi-agency working document logging all incident reports. This Easter activity appears to be reaching the worst levels ever seen. Litter wardens would patrol at the same time periods as above – as well as additional focus on Sandy Way, Ashley Park Elmbgidge outside Homebase and Churchfield Road during the daytime – giving out on the spot fines where possible.


Go to the website for the housing allocation department of your local authority and find out if you can apply online. Can Walton have a more visible police presence? Crimes should be reported on or online via: Many had given up on reporting crimes due to this.

Take the Walton Qui fieltype if you’re interested in finding out more! What can be done?

Rent a home At PA Housing we work with local authorities to offer rental properties in your local community. Joanna Gordon, Managing Director of the Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance said “The visit was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and learn from another thriving Surrey filerype.

It was suggested that just the physical presence of some Litter Wardens and some warning signs could be an excellent deterrent. Please read this flyer for more information. Sgt Chambers explained the matter been on the JAG agenda – which is elmmbridge by partner agencies – and that police have been patrolling and engaging with young people in the town.

Most people who live in the UK are eligible to be housed. Crime Meeting – 10th May.

Rent a home | PA Housing

All applications are assessed and prioritised on the borugh housing borougj. Following on from the second of two Visual Audit Tours of the town with WoTTA Mike Bessent – Crime Reduction Officer for Surrey Police – suggested various actions, including increasing Local Authority Enforcement Officer and Police patrols at the relevant times, possible infilling of the cricket pavilion and improvement in emptying and clearing litter as well as an increased number of litter bins.


Perhaps patrols could be increased. We are actively looking into this.

Rent a home

And please feel free to send us your comments on ASB in Walton. At present an incident needs to be reported to the police and the council separately.

We will be consulting with residents, local businesses and landowners as part of the consultation process. WoTTA is looking forward to the future. It has been reported that there is evidence of substance misuse, underage drinking, and sexual activity where these groups have been gathering, which has led to assaults, criminal damage and racially motivated appplication and robbery for example.

In addition, please read on to find out what else we’ve been doing. Also with many sports clubs, churches, schools, community groups and residents groups to link the whole town.

Can the police prioritise getting CCTV images to their Youth Affairs Officer PC Phil Jebb to enable him to work quickly with schools in the area to identify offenders, allowing swift action coucnil be taken? Attendees made it clear perception in Walton is that there is no police presence in the town and limited reaction to reporting of crimes and, therefore, no consequences.

CCTV is only good if the offender can be identified and the police have been working with local schools on this.