Buy e: The Story of a Number (Princeton Science Library) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. e has ratings and 87 reviews. Tara said: e: The Story of a Number certainly lives up to its title!The book begins with an introduction to logarit. In this informal and engaging history, Eli Maor portrays the curious characters and the elegant mathematics that lie behind the number.

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But even without a full understanding of the formulas, the history described here is pretty fascinating, and was mostly new to me. But books like this tend to have a fatal flaw, either dumbing down the math so much that it becomes basically just biography and handwaving, or having so much math that you need an advanced thf degree to understand it.

This book with the shortest possible title: Refresh and try again. In a time when all computations for example in astronomy were done by hand, the idea and the use of the first logarithm tables caught on very quickly. Oct 26, Aakash Subhankar Bhowmick rated it it lf amazing. What really helped get me through the book were the historical anecdotes, and the parts of the book I was able to follow well were also well-done.

Eli Shory wrote quite a few books about the history of Mathematics. Now we investigate the natural log function, or the inverse of the exponential function. Sounds daunting, but one can think of this number as a basis for measuring rate of change in many processes involving so called exponential growth the rate of growth is proportional to the current state of the system. I would’ve liked this book much more if it actually fulfilled its claims.


The book ends with an account of the discovery of transcendental numbers, an event that paved the way for Cantor’s revolutionary ideas about infinity. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Reading this book had me wondering about the mystical properties of numbers, whether there was some elemental truth I could discover. The constant e is just as important if not more so, but never managed to break its way into popular culture because it’s a little hard to understand just what makes it so special.

Description The interest earned on a bank account, the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower, and the shape of the Gateway Arch in St.

This one strikes a very careful balance between those extremes. Louis are all intimately connected with the mysterious number e. Numbers – in particular special numbers like e – have been imbued with mystical connections to larger or hidden things. Paperback ths, pages.

e: the Story of a Number

The writing style was sometimes a little dry, but I found the actual material fun and interesting. Mar 11, Braden Weber rated it really liked it Shelves: In a sense, it is the story of an entire period in the history of mathematics, from the early seventeenth to the late nineteenth century, with the invention of mzor at its center.

Jul 13, Bill Ward rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The result, as we know is e rbut it took a very long time to come to this result. The Story of a Number 1 review. Negative numbers were known to Hindus, but were neglected by Europeans. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It has been mao years since I have done much with calculus so much of the material had to get dredged up from my secondary stort location in my brain.


He thoroughly covers the differing views of Newton and Leibniz as they devel Maor’s account of the place of e, the base of the natural logarithms, in the history of mathematics provides a peek inside a mathematician’s brain. The Mathematician’s Mind Jacques O.

It was only when Bombelli used a number line to represent numbers that a meaning could be given to negative numbers. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

“e”: The Story of a Number – Eli Maor – Google Books

Forefathers of the Calculus 6. The big star of this section is how “the imaginary becomes real. Recognition Computing with Logarithms 3. Math has always been a passion of mine, and even a book like this helps to open up the world in my eyes. While the history itself was not terribly new to me, my attention and delight was found in Maor’s very instructive sidebars demonstrating applications, including the logarithmic spiral in art and Maor’s treatise nunber the history of the Naperian base is an simple, interesting read beginning with a short biography of Napier himself.

Subject to edit on completion The book is perfect to arouse interest in mathematics in your children, numbdr to make them realize that more than its regular textbook form, mathematics is fun, inspiring and beautiful. The background given, and also the original explanations, helped me to understand some of the concepts better, so I am glad that Mar read it. While the historical content of the book is certainly fascinating, it is not what I signed up for when I started reading.