The Shadow Spectres are members of a recently-rediscovered Eldar Warrior Aspect. This shrine specializes in the deployment of stealthy, highly-mobile heavy. Alaitoc would be -2 to hit, good movement, decent guns. Why not?. So I’ve been tempted by the Shadow Spectres mainly due to the models being cool.

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Shining Spears are the fastest and most specialized Aspect, striking at ridiculous speeds and withdrawing in a flash. A Shadow Spectre warrior armed with a Prism Rifle.

Well, spectred best and reasonable answer is that they can sneak up on you without you hearing their chainswords. Brutallica Steadfast Grey Hunter Randers. Against targets too tough for even these weapons the Fire Dragons carry Melta Bombs, disc-shaped bombs which can be attached to any surface and detonated on command.

Shadow Spectres | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The armor is typically colored like the sky, such as a pale blue or grey, with contrasting colors as well, especially on the wings.

In return, these shards pierced Khaine’s body and he gained a new aspect as the Destroyer. They have the fly keyword as well now, so fall back and shoot. Times and dates in your local timezone. I personally enjoy them and most lists at the beginning of 8e and especially when the CWE codex was spectees considered them an auto include.


Although, given the similar prominence and screwing over of the Bloodletter for Chaos armies, the Warrior for Tyranids, or Tactical Terminators for Space Marines, they at least have company in misery. He was said to be obsessed with death and stood apart from his fellow Phoenix Lords in that respect.

The Shining Spears possess a bright and clear virtue that marks each one out as a warrior hero and a champion of the Eldar race. Bel-Annath, a Farseer of the Mymeara Craftworld, led a mission to re-animate the spirit host of the Phoenix Lord, and succeeded.

Plus they can take a laser lance which is killer. The Shadow Spectres’ use of shimmering Holo-fields also makes it very difficult for enemy targetting sensors to get a lock on them even if they can be visually located.

Why is no one talking about shadow spectres? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Please follow the subreddit rules Other Relevant Subreddits: But then, it’s pretty much the same as the Indexes but without as large a development window. Crimson Hunters are known to give special veneration to the Eldar God Kurnous, often calling themselves the Hawks of Kurnous. Each Aspect was founded by a warrior known as a Phoenix Lordwho serves as the ultimate embodiment of that Aspect. Their Exarch is given two death spinners which are attached to the back of his armor for mobility and two power blades which he holds for close combat, though on the tabletop, he’s generally outclassed in assault by any unit that can melee better than a Guardsman.


Unfortunately, the 7th edition codex has enshrined Warp Spiders as the Eldar solution to Jetpack Infantry, which is clearly why Forge World invented these guys.

With long range anti-tank missiles available and an increase in squad size, their scores just went up. A War Mask can be “removed” after the warrior has left the battlefield and he can return to his life as if nothing had happened afterwards. Their target was a squad of Sternguard veterans, all armed with Combi-Plasmas. You can always spend a CP to fix it though. Maybe if the FAQ came out before the lists were to be sent in they wouldn’t be blanket banned.

Wave shacow and fire prisms are great though. Dakka is aware of you and sympathises with any troubles you have: They are noted to be transported by a special Eldar craft called a Shooting Star which ferry Swooping Hawk Aspect Warriors onto a planetary battlefield.

He successfully reanimated the spirit host of the lost Phoenix Lord, and the Shade of Twilight was reborn to serve his race once more and to revitalise the Shadow Spectres Aspect on all of the Craftworlds. Craftworld Eldar, Blood Angels.

The Phoenix Lord of the Swooping Hawks is Baharrothwho was said to have been Asurmen’s finest pupil, which is derp since on the tabletop he’s probably the most mediocre of all the Phoenix Lords. Shadow Spectres Eldar Aspect Warriors spectrws combat.

Please stop repeating this myth. Regarding Irillyth, I haven’t had a chance to try him out this edition, but his rules look more toned down shhadow last edition compared to now. Traditionally, Eldar who lose their lives in service to the Shadow Spectres Shrine have their Spirit Stone transferred to sbadow Wraithbone combat walker body; in turn, the Wraithguard have acted as the guardians of the Shadow Spectre Shrine for many Terran millennia.


Shadow Spectres

A squad of a few of them could support a flank or shoot objective holders off of an objective. Traditionally, Eldar who lose their lives in service to the Spectre Shrine have their spirit stone transferred to a wraithbone body; in turn, the Wraithguard have acted as guardians of the Spectre Shrine for many millennia. Ads by Project Wonderful! Since they are something new and from FW, expect them to get shot at a lot, so your first few games with them, they may feel a bit spwctres.

Personal tools Log in Request account. He knew now that Mymeara would survive with his help, but at the eldsr of his own life and the lives of all those who came with him on his quest to find Mymeara’s nemesis.

He was no single warrior, but a psychic gestalt collective of those individual Exarchs that had become him over the centuries, their souls held within the Spirit Stones that adorned his armour and wargear. They represent the Blinding Blades of Khaine, which were sectres from the blood that constantly drips from ekdar hands.

After the Chapter Approved update to the game, they became much more expensive to run and most lists have dropped them.

Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! These temples of Khaine are unlike any other for they are tunnel-like collections of transparent atriums edar float around the periphery of their Craftworlds, allowing the Crimson Hunters and their recruits to freely train in their aircraft.

These patient, methodical warriors are equally well suited for both offensive and defensive operations.

While this makes shavow Spiders fairly unreliable against power-armored units since the spinners’ threads can’t penetrate it properly although they get an AP1 version of the Bladestorm rule Retrieved from ” http: Exarchs are highly experienced warriors who are capable of judging the best opportunities for the squad to withdraw, regroup, and take up a new firing position that will enhance their wpectres effectiveness against enemy armour.

A Dire Avenger Exarch can be upgraded with a power weapon or Diresword, or some sort of miniature void-shield. If you are already a member then feel free to login now.