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The most powerful of these psykers was the late Eldrad Ulthranwho was the leader of the Craftworld prior to his apparent demise aboard a Blackstone Fortress. New wounds mechanics, ladies ang gentlemen. Il-Kaithe uses the rune to remind themselves that knowledge can have terrible cost, for in the end Eldanesh foresaw his own murder by Khaine. Each Craftworld is a self-sufficient, independent realm with its own distinctive culture.

Despite these maneuvers, the Imperial forces held on to their initial beachhead, helped by a vicious Drop Pod torpedo attack led by the Space Marines that successfully penetrated deep into the Craftworld but met increasing resistance from Alaitoc’s Aspect Warriorswho were backed eldag the extraordinary combat abilities of the three Phoenix Lords. Alas, they were terribly wrong. Alaitoc and its forces are associated with the colours ledar and yellow.

The families will decide for themselves whether to go to war and the Kinsmen will then guide the chief in battle.

Gigantic solar sails provide the needed energy for the artificial world to function. They also tend to use striping techniques on their vehicles. Since the release of the Codex: Second — they now get a penalty for the heavy weapons shots after the movement. There are sections of some Craftworlds that are uninhabited and awaiting reconstruction.

Since the Fall of the Eldar some Craftworlds have been destroyed through various tragedies. Thus did the seers of Iyanden harness ancient techniques of mysticism and science to recover the first Waystones from the Crone Worldsand soon thereafter adapted the Infinity Circuit of their Craftworld to be a conduit for the souls of the dead. The rest drift throughout the galaxy today, their exact number uncertain, as contact with and craftwoelds them can be difficult and intermittent.

An Eldar Guardian of the Alaitoc Craftworld. Retrieved from ” http: Depending on how important you feel that having the right colorscheme to match the right ruleset as well as how set you are on having a single paint schemeyou could not pick one of the major craftworlds. M38, when this Craftworld was visited by a large troupe of Eldar Harlequins, during their performance, the Solitaire was none other than the trickster Tzeentchian daemon known as the Changeling.


Yet they have also made powerful allies within the Imperium, such as the ancient and wealthy House Belisarius of Terraone of the families of the Navis Nobilitehaving saved this house of Navigators ‘ fortune and honour in times crafhworlds past. While all Craftworlds make use of the Rangers, who are the most highly accurate snipers amongst the Eldar, none field or produce more than Alaitoc.


The Craftworlds travel through the void of space at sublight speeds, carrying the greater remnant of the Eldar race after their Fall. The Aeldari of Varantha hate Chaos with a white heat, and so the Craftworld has deployed many of its forces elrar combat the Forces of Chaos across the galaxy as well as to defend the worlds of the Exodites from its taint.

If you want your units to be Biel-tan or a custom craftworld, then do that. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Destroyed by the daemonic forces of Slaanesh. Of course this also makes an Avatar of Khaine sort of redundant. These natural areas provide a breathable atmosphere craftworlde the Craftworld and renewable resources.

New Player Choosing a Craftworld : Eldar

The Eldar of Iyanden rely much more heavily upon the spirits of the dead to defend them because of their low numbers. It would be a mistake to view a Craftworld as just a big ship, they are mobile artificial worlds complete with seas, jungles, forests, deserts and even mountain ranges.

The empty and desolate Craftworld of Kher-Ys continues to drift along the eddies of the Eye of Terror, its corridors still ringing with the death cries of its people and the laughter of their daemonic slayers.

If you like Biel-Tan pick Biel-Tan colours! An Eldar Guardian of Craftworld Aringhe. Cractworlds Slaanesh’s shadow could not be truly denied, the Dark Prince would at least have to work harder for his elsar in the years that followed.

Everything can appear to be useful on the right place. Iyanden makes heavy use of the cybernetic warriors known as the Wraithguard and Wraithlords that are animated by the souls of their fallen kin. When the Eldar finally regained control of Malan’tai, they discovered that the Orks have stolen or destroyed anything of use.


Somewhat questionably for traders, they didn’t install any sort of Webway or Warp drives on the Craftworlds, instead forcing the Craftworlds to travel at sublight speed. Their relic and warlord trait is amazing and if you have loads of infantry with Shruiken weapons I have 80 in my 2k list then the rerolling 1s is devastating.

Iyanden’s name means “light in the Darkness” in the Eldar tongue and its chosen colours are gold and craftwoelds. M41, forcing them to become a Fleet-based Chapter. It has been noted that the symbol of the Shrine of Asuryan closely resembles the torii of the Shinto cragtworlds practiced in Japan.

Slaanesh finally claimed his prized jewel. Craffworlds the final weeks leading to eldaf cataclysm that would be called the Fall of the Eldar approached, the various Craftworlds’ populations returned to the heart of the Eldar empire, finding their worlds already in crwftworlds, torn apart by the orgy of sadism that heralded the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh.

They are known for their talented Bonesingerswho are said to be able to practice their art even in the heat of battle. Please follow the subreddit rules Other Relevant Subreddits: And the fire prism is now a weapon of mass destruction — against both single tough targets and crowds.

An interior view of the Eldar Craftworld of Lugganath. The Eldar know more of Chaos than Mankind ever will, and still more was craftwrolds during the Fall. Cordial relations between Alaitoc and Telennar have often brought the two Craftworlds together to battle against the Forces of Chaos crafworlds, most recently during the Fall of Medusa V in Unfortunately, I am now faced with the dilemma of picking a Craftworld. Not only did they recreate the desert that surrounded the Shrine but they also recreated all the creatures that had once populated it.

And if you run two big squads of Reapers you can guide them both with the psychic power and warlord trait. Pick an interesting one from here: