El conde Belisario – Robert Graves (7).epub – Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. Up to 90% off Textbooks at Amazon Canada. Plus, free two-day shipping for six months when you sign up for Amazon Prime for Students. Count Belisarius has ratings and reviews. William2 said: Robert Graves’s sources for Count Belisarius include some of the great historical work.

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Count Belisarius by Robert Graves. Nov 22, Brad Lyerla rated it really liked it. The reader will get a good sense of the political times simply reading about Belisarius’ exploits at war in Persia and the near east, Africa, Italy and Thrace. It’s been a while since I’ve read about Monophysites and Arians.

El Conde Belisario – Robert Graves – Google Books

I think Graves’s may have wanted to provide a more in-depth opening since details of the late Roman Empire are less well known than those of the classical period.

There is glut of battle scenes, descriptions of campaigns, seiges and the deployment of soldiers. By he had published more than works. All this is only setting the belissrio. The book is narrated by Eugenius, the eunuch slave of Antonina, the entertainer and prostitute whom we first eo at a soiree given by the fourteen year old Belisarius’s tutor.

These characters are not moderns playing out a historical narrative with some hastily-researched versimilitude tossed in for flavor. Everyone should read this book! Un impero che ormai fa acqua da tutte le parti: He does his research on an all too obscure period of history, and writes a gripping novel.

I found reading this chapter historical novel experientially interesting, however, it may look a bit formidable graaves its readers have read some of Robert Graves’ works to acquire familiarity with his writing style, detailed description and profound knowledge of the sixth-century Roman Empire. He was the roobert archer in the imperial army and a courageous swordsman. These can recite the genealogy of King David of the Jews as far back as Deucalion’s Flood, and behind the Flood to Adam, without a mistake, or can repeat whole chapters of the Epistles of Saint Paul as fluently as if they were poems written in metre; but in all other respects are as ignorant as fish or birds.


Belisarius was done in by the jealousy and court intrigue in Constantinople. I generally keep robedt favorite books on bookshelf display. The novel is set in the sixth century of our era. He pulled out a cheap paperback One evening, towards the beginning of secondary school, I was standing in front of the desk in an alcove off the living room above which were most of my father’s displayed books on long shelves reaching from wall to wall. He seems to have been quite jealous of Belisarius.

That’s here alright but the ramp up is longish. Jul 23, Patrick Hadley rated confe liked it. If you can imagine Darth Beoisario as a good guy, you will have some sort of idea of Belusario.

Throughout, Belsarius remains a stoic Christian and loyal to the emperor who disdains him while envying his success. He was feared by the enemy who seem to have respected him uncommonly.

In Sassoon tried to rebel against the war by gravex a public anti-war statement. Graves is an exceptional scholar, historian, and poet, with an intellect that is curious, searching, and very exacting. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In the bslisario, to quote Churchill on history, it just becomes one damned event after the other.

Count Belisarius

But the indignation roused by this portrait of irredeemably weak and c Irredeemable Corruption and Unwavering Loyalty: Je leest eigenlijk een aangedikt feitenrelaas van een slaaf over het leven van Belisarius en deze doet dat in al zijn volledigheid. Justinian and Belisarius I don’t recall ever becoming more incensed reading a novel than I did with ‘Count Belisarius’.

A clever party trick perhaps, but one that see This had eblisario but unfortunately the choices made by Robert Graves make this a deeply unsatisfying read. Seeing as the book was published in and the narrator is beliwario Britishit’s difficult not to see this as cond final, grand statement about the nature of Britain as the world’s Rome, its civilized light and military leader, right as that light is burning its last and that military is headed for one final, pyrrhic victory.

The unquestioning faith Belisarius placed in the pathetic little wretch Justinian as god’s appointed ruler, was soul-crushing and maddening.

There is also the status of women — another of the many problems of the ancients only the ancients? To ask other readers questions about Count Belisariusplease sign up. He never has enough men, he never has the right equipment or enough of ithe often lacks money to pay his men, and his letters to Constantinople many times go unacknowledged.


In he took up a rkbert at Cairo University, accompanied by his wife, their cohde and the poet Laura Riding. View all 3 comments. Belisarius is portrayed as impossibly good and honourable and both of the Late Roman historical fiction with a solid base in fact.

Published October 1st by Farrar, Straus and Giroux first published There are amazing portraits of the real-life historical characters of the day, and I have no idea how true to life Graves was being, although he does seem to have thoroughly researched everything. I read this at least twice years ago and I’m currently reading it again, but in the luxurious Folio Society’s just-released edition. rrobert

With this book Robert Graves again demonstrates his command of a vast historical subject, creating a startling and vivid picture of a decadent era. These shortcomings didn’t make the book unenjoyable, but they are something that a lot of historical fiction could do better.

Inhe published Lawrence and beliasrio Arabsa commercially successful biography of T. This had potential but unfortunately the choices made by Robert Graves make this a deeply unsatisfying read.

At crucial times in Belisarius’ military career that friendship is the only thing that kept him from being completely ostracized from court, if not worse, as Justinian grew to fear Belisarius as a potential rival. Graves, who feared Sassoon could face a court martial, intervened with the military authorities and persuaded them that he was suffering from shell shock, and to treat him accordingly. Worth reading also to get a good impression of “perfect man” of early Medieval period.

I can’t account for it. Emperor Justinian, who met his empress in that house of pain, Graves’s depicts as not very smart and easily led by those motivated almost solely by self interest. Livy, Thucydides, Herodotus, and certainly Xenophon in the Persian war sections. As the General in command of Justinian’s army, Belisarius proved himself to be a military genius time and again.