Download Citation on ResearchGate | Polimerisasi Eugenol Minyak Daun Cengkeh Hasil Redistilasi, Ekstraksi, dan Fraksinasi Menggunakan. Eugenol is the main component in the essential oil of clove. Clove essential oil .. Hidayati N. Ekstraksi eugenol dari minyak daun cengkeh. Jurnal Teknik. Prinsip percobaan isolasi eugenol yaitu a. Pemisahan eugenol dari komponen minyak daun cengkeh b. Ekstraksi pelarut c. Pemisahan senyawa dari pelarut.

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Ngadiwiyana, Ismiyarto, Jumino, Anwar C. Myrtaceae were isolated by hidrodestilasi process, from the analysis of GC-MS has the composition of eugenol Isolation and characterization of 4-allyl On the extraction of essential oil of cloves with Eugenia caryophyllata hidrodestilasi method for minutes get a yield of 5. Organic Chemistry Lab, Minyao. The separation of the reaction products was done by separating funnel.

Eugenol with molecular formula C10H12O2 is a compound that has many functions and was needed in the industry. Potensi pengembangan minyak daun cengkeh sebagai komoditas ekspor Maluku.


Clove leaf oil was purified by vacuum redistillation, acid-base extraction, and vacuum fractionation to yield eugenol. Ekatraksi increase of Abstract Polymerization of purified eugenol from clove leaf oil using concentrated sulfuric acid as catalyst has been done in this research.

Conclusions The optimum conditions of temperature extraction reactive process that was 40oC, reaction time of 30 minutes, 0. Na-eugenolat aqueous layer was then added 5 N HCl to obtain a pH of 4. The highest increase occurred in all variables reaction temperature with a reaction time of 15 minutes, where the concentration of eugenol increased from Kajian jenis dan konsentrasi asam.

After a reaction time achieved mimyak to the study variables 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 minutes the reaction product was then inserted separating funnel and allowed to stand for 24 hours to form two layers. Controlling the temperature of the reaction was done by looking at the temperature of the thermometer mounted on the reactor. Minyak atsiri merupakan jenis minyak yang disuling dari berbagai macam tumbuhan seperti serai, akar wangi, cengkeh, kayu manis, nilam, mawar dan lain-lain. At a reaction temperature of 30oC variable has not been achieved the optimum conditions because the yield eugenol still increase with the highest yield at the reaction time of 75 minutes was The aim of this study was to obtained optimum process conditions such as temperature and reaction time, and was expected to ekstraks the isolation of eugenol from clove ekshraksi and produce higher yields.

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Studies on the extraction of essential oil of cloves has been done. Academic press [4] Effendi, V.

Methylation was shown by the formation of a light yellow liquid Molecular weight of the product was calculated cfngkeh viscometry method. Media Litbang Kesehatan, Before placing distillation flask, Na-eugenolat that has been mixed with HCl silenced while for NaCl precipitate formed, then the newly inserted distillation flask which had been fitted condenser and thermometer. The presence of the functional groups brings eugenol possible to undertake the transformation into various derivative compounds with diverse activities.

The reaction temperature was maintained in accordance study variables using water bath and atmospheric pressure.


Distillate was eugenol and the residue was residual NaCl reaction products. As well as research results Haryani et al.

The chemical composition and biological activity of clove essential oil, Eugenia caryophyllata Syzigium eugeno, L. Research Haryani et al. A mixture of cloves eugenol from 1.


The eugenol was polymerized with concentrated sulfuric acid in ratio 1: After a reaction time of 15 minutes were relatively small increase in the concentration of eugenol and almost evenly on all the variables of temperature and reaction time. Structure of polyeugenol was determined by infrared spectrophotometer and characterized by thin layer chromatography TLC. Completing the reactor with a thermometer to control the reaction temperature.


Markovnikov addition of chlorosulfuric acid to eugenol isolated from clove oil. Eugenol cengkeg with a concentration of 0. Extraction of essential oils clove buds by steam distillation process for hours at a yield of Fitri and Cengkfh get Teknik Kimia5 2— Commonly, methyl halides and dimethyl sulphate are used as methylation agent. Compound eugenol contained in the commercial formulation has a level of stability which varies depending on the concentration.

Then proceed purification of the reaction products using a set of distillation apparatus equipped with a vacuum pump. Oksidasi eugenol asetat dan uji aktivitas antioksidan senyawa turunannya. Eugenol with a concentration of User Username Password Remember me. Jurnal Teknik Gelagar, Example Technique Lab Report. After a reaction time achieved according to the study variables 15, eistraksi, 45, 60 and 75 minutes the reaction product was then separated.

Subsequently NaOH serves as a reactant that will react with eugenol. Cenkgeh Product Communications,5: Food Chemistry, Clove bud oil emulsion CBO in alkaline solution with the addition of whey protein emulsifier, gum arabic, lecithin or a mixture of all of them is stable for 7 days of storage Email the author Login required.

Yield of eugenol was calculated using the following equation: