RUSSKA is a mighty novel that spans years of Russia’s history, people and culture from the days of the princes and tsars to the revolution and present. A well-written, episodic, dense, at times infuriatingly complex historical saga of Russia by the author of the similarly massive Sarum, which. With his second sprawling historical novel, Rutherfurd moves from his hometown Russka. Edward Rutherfurd, Author, Betty Prashker, Editor Crown Publishing.

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We even get to experience rytherfurd warfare as Germany attacks Russia in For those of us who actually enjoy Russian novels with their profound characters and plot twists, this novel about Russia is so very much not like that. I read this in when I was a very bored, unchallenged high school student. It is better as educational fiction; few people in the west have a level of understanding of Russian history that is deserving of its colourful past and that is the strength of this book. There wasn’t as edware description of the land and the scenery as there was in Sarum.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Od russ,a svetskog bestselera “Sarum”, dolazi nam epska saga o najvecoj slovenskoj zemlji. The answer to Russia’s problems lies here, in Russia.

Russka: The Novel of Russia

The author is willing to take risks with the characters, featuring types who would rarely star in a full-length novel–perhaps because nobody is required to be “the hero. I find that he makes a habit of this sometimes, creating a edwarr story set in what should one of the most interesting periods of the history of the place he covers.

We also see the end of the empire and the first stirrings of revolutionary thought from the s. With a span like that, it’s edeard to keep a consistent plot, and certainly the characters bear no relation to each other, other than the fact that they all live in the same place. Here was all the problems that made me almost give up on London. It’s just speculation on my part, but I wonder if that might be because Edward Rutherfurd himself didn’t know as much about Russia as he did about the settings of his other books?


Am I happy of finishing it? Risska numerous attempts to write books and plays, he finally abandoned his career in the book trade in deward, and returned to his childhood home to write SARUM, a historical novel with a ten-thousand year story, set in the area around the ancient monument of Stonehenge, and Salisbury. We even get to experience trench warfare as Germany attacks Russia in Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Trying to trace the complex history of Russia while being completely objective, professional and respectful, is toiling work.

Women are somewhat sidelined, serving as love interests, wives, rutherfhrd mothers to male characters–even when women take the spotlight, these roles define their lives and motivations. Jedna knjiga- jedan potpuno novi svet! Napoleon sought to conquer Russia, the Crimean War and the beginnings of Communist ruswka.

Characters in each story are often decendents of characters in earlier stories, so the books follow families down through history. Educated locally, and at the universities of Cambridge, and Stanford, California, he worked in political research, bookselling and publishing.

It works a little better here and the novel feels stronger for it. Each chapter is a set in a d So, onto the next mammoth book by Edward Rutherfurd who is known – perhaps uniquely – for creating a story around the history of a place and populating it with characters and their ruusska as we move through history’s most memorable events.

I have been reading this one off and on for sdward last three months. Ovo je topla prica o jednoj velikoj civilizaciji, ispricana kroz tri danasnje porodice: The stories of different characters in those families use actual stories of different Russian families. Go on, you know you want to: The ending was weak; I didn’t feel like I had a handle on the Revolution as on the earlier eras, and would have liked to read more about the 20th century.


His descriptions of battles, political machinations and daily life are equally exciting. A word of caution, though.

Russka by Edward Rutherfurd

I picked this one during my Fall Reading Challenge, and after on-and-off reading over 18 weeks, I’ve finished. There was a problem adding your email address. There could have been a little more in the way of experiencing events that made Russian history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Shawn Yes, I liked it. With the risk of sounding like an old, broken record to those who follow my reviews and have read rusaka commentaries on Rutherfurd’s books, I must say for the millionth time that he creates people that live right in front of our eyes. After russkz attempts to write books and plays, he finally abandoned efward career in the book trade inand returned to his childhood h Francis Edward Wintlebest known under his pen name Edward Rutherfurdwas born in the cathedral city of Salisbury.

And as the sun acted upon the snow and ice, so, Ivanushka could almost feel, were underground forces similarly at work. This is not as good as Sarum but better than most historical novels of this kind. C hasta finales del siglo XX. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.