Nine Princes in Amber (English). 0 references. series · The Chronicles of Amber. 1 reference. imported from . edit. plwikiquote Dziewięciu książąt Amberu. Zesłany do Cieni poprzez czas i przestrzeń bohater budzi się pewnego dnia w szpitalu na Ziemi. Nie pamięta własnej (ISBN). Zostało jeszcze trochę klasyki, którą przydało by się poznać. Na wakacje zaplanowałem sobie Kroniki Amberu. Nie wiem jeszcze czy zapoznam się z całą serią.

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I wanted more, and I also wanted less–less of the acid-trippy descriptions of Shadow which seemed to occupy the bulk of the page-space, and which, to be honest, I started skipping over after the first few. Ditto for the third.

Pretty sure I missed my stop on the tube due to reading. The Chronicles of Amber 10 books. The transitions between worlds is so smooth and the language a perfect blend of contemporary and everything else. Fortunately, Zelazny seemed to gain a bit more respect for females by book four and five and the women at least served a bit more purpose and earned the respect of the nice men in their lives, too.

Okay, many of the readers pointed out that it was written in the seventies, therefore this book is a bit slow and strange for a first time reader. I have also noticed that many reviewers have included details of the actual story which I try to avoid at the best of times and this is one instance in which it is really much better if you know nothing about what it is about or going to happen.

Dziewięciu książąt Amberu

I normally like to break up a series by reading other books in between even when they are collected in a single volume but I found I just couldn’t in this case.


From there the book introduces its setting, one where there is a central universe and numerous others that are mere shadows cast by that one- our universe being one of those shadows.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In a network of lines that enlace rated it 4 years ago http: This is a fantasy not to be missed. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Secondly, the Amber universe. Why couldn’t there have been more of that?

Be the first to ask a question about The Chronicles of Amber. On the plus side The Chronicles of Amber has an interesting universe and an epic scope, but on the other hand Zelazny’s unimpressive writing and inability to breathe life into that universe means that the series becomes a slog. The pace is so uneven as to create motion sickness. Relatives pop out of the woodwork like termites – but do they want the throne, revenge or something else?

Dziewięciu książąt Amberu – Roger Zelazny • BookLikes (ISBN)

Initially, his sisters and the other women who vaguely show up are considered little more than useless fools. I love these books and have read them over and over, so Roger Zelazny made his name with a group of novellas which demonstrated just how intense an emotional charge could be generated by the stock imagery of sf; the most famous of these is A Rose for Ecclesiastes in which a poet struggles to convince dying and sterile Martians that life is worth continuing.

Proud steeds, bright metal, soft lips, dark ale. To ask other readers questions about The Chronicles of Amberplease sign up. Everything else falls into two categories: It is more than the sum of its parts.

The Chronicles of Amber

As the series have been published for a while skiazat I have come across countless plot descriptions and ksiazag many of which, in my opinion, do not even begin to cover the brilliance of the universe.


He won the Nebula award three times out of 14 nominations and the Hugo award six times out of 14 nominations. Aug 09, B. It is definitely a book to read for the journey, not the destination.

Publication: Kroniki Amberu: Tom 1

Trust me in all things. There is a LOT of talking, and while it is usually spaced out well, near the middle there is so much, trying to establish who is friends with who, what happened to rziewieciu, etc. I checked the next five books, and was sad to see the narrator was not the same.

This is not one of amheru books in which you need to read several chapters before beginning to become engrossed. Tolkien wanted to show the battle for one single Middle Earth. This is one of the most “realistic” fantasy series I’ve read – admittedly, I haven’t read that much fantasy, but still.

These books are classic, not to mention necessary, if you ever want to play Amber Diceless Roleplaying – or get any Amber references in any other fantasy games. So as he struggles to find out what is going on, the reader learns with him. Can I without spoilers?

There is no period of scene setting in which the characters are established. The characters in this series are complete, true to themselves, and detailed without a lot of wordy description getting in the way of the story. It’s original, creative and kind of funny.