View and Download Dynalink RTAW user manual online. ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router. RTAW Wireless Router pdf manual download. Open up a web browser and enter in the address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Dynalink RTAWv6 Setup Help 2. A dialogue box. Open up a web browser and enter in the address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Dynalink RTAW Setup Help 2. A dialogue box.

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It can provide stronger encryption and authentication solution than none WPA modes. Your router will now restart and take you back to the main screen. System Requirement and Installation 3. All data must pass through it, and the firewall functions as a security guard will allow only authorized data to be dynwlink into the LAN.

Equipped with an Ethernet network interface. When returning to the Network window.

Dynalink Network Router RTAW User Guide |

Download the Daemon from Kiwi Enterprises. Page of Go. Right-click on My Computer and press Properties. Outbound means from local network to Internet; This web page offers eight authentication protocols for you to secure your data while connecting to networks.

Web Configuration This page provides some settings for you to adjust for adding a new outbound IP Filtering.

When prompted with Network Settings Change dialog box, click Yes to restart your computer. The USB driver is successfully removed now. If the checkbox is not selected, it is necessary for you to enter the primary and optional secondary DNS server IP addresses.

System Requirement and Installation 5. Web Configuration Port Mapping This page allows you to configure various port mapping groups which contains specific Internet connections and LAN ports. Don’t show me this message again. The time you set in the screen will be adapted to system log.


Dynalink RTA1025W User Manual

That is, the specified address will be reserved and not be assigned by DHCP for other computer s. To access the Internet, private network should have an agent to translate the private IP address to public Dymalink address.

For Installation Use only the type of power source indicated on the marking labels.

On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager. Page Chapter 4: Decide whether all internet hosts can access your router or only authorized internet hosts can access. Then, choose a protocol and define the source or destination MAC address which you want to control.

Dynalink RTA1025W Network Router User Manual

ddynalink Don’t have an account? Client Setup for If you find anything incorrect, click Back to modify the settings.

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Choose the one that you want to use from the drop-down menu. Port Mapping Chapter 4: Now click on Security on manuaal left, select the options below and enter your desired wireless network password in the Pre-Shared Key field.

Click Apply to save your setting. If you put a tick in ‘Remember my password’ then your computer should remember the information. A Static IP Routing is a manually defined path, which determines the data transmitting route.

A dialogue box will pop up asking you for a User name and Password. The main screen will be shown as below. When users are executing firmware upgrade and saving settings to the router, the power for the router is lost for some unknown reasons, the normal web page for the router might be damaged.


There are nine selections including bit and bit WEP, Accessing the Internet This chapter aims to help you access the Internet in a quick and convenient way. It allows the use of manually-entered keys or passwords and is designed to be easily set up for home users. Under the General tab, enable Obtain an IP address automatically. If everything is OK, click Finish to accept these settings. Contents Before You Use For Windows Chapter 2: Management Control — From Local You can allow local access to your router via the checked interfaces.

Page 74 Check the network information on the Summary page. The system will ask your command about the next procedure.

Dynalink RTAW | Actrix

The InstallShield Wizard dialog will appear. Now the driver software is installed successfully. The WPA2 is suitable for enterprises.

And the following page will appear. To delete the setting, click another IP filtering, click Add again. In case you want to access the local servers with domain names from the local network, you can configure the mapping information on the page.

Enter your Actrix CyberJet Broadband username username dsl. Use of NAT Network Address Translation devices allows local manaul on such private networks to transparently access the external global Internet and enables access to selective local hosts from the outside.