[71, Uhlenbeck in De Structuur van het Javaanse. Morpheem (Bandoeng, ). With Reich- ling and Uhlenbeck, Hoff counts the word and the sentence. Get this from a library! A Dravidian etymological dictionary,. [T Burrow; M B Emeneau]. Published: (); Dravidian comparative phonology; a sketch, A Dravidian etymological dictionary: supplement / by T. Burrow and M. B. Emeneau.

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SJ46 temi tikh tfkhma ttmmni. Go Ko gurram pi gurrak id Foe I. Tu c2 Vravidian pagan schoenanthus pe bar- -t. Kuwi Su kan- kacc-F kanjali kac. S akkal pi akkahku ,-d, Mu.

Tr bfitte, G Mu Ma botte. F rakhnl, S laVne sw eet Pe fav- -t-rov- -t- to exca- vate earth, scoop out pulp from gourdpova heap of excavated earth Mand pav- to excavate, pava heap of excavated earth Kui raja paj!

A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary

Kod [delete query] Cf Saio Konda klra- Mand kpik- -t- to pluck flower Tu-klrotrunltoroar assnelephant Kui Ubpa klbt- to shout, cry out.

Te ino to eat, dnnk. Ko kato’J wall of temple compound Kod kaftole door frame Ta kanakana -pp- -tt- to sound, rattle, jingle, tinkle, kanakan-enal tinhnnabulahon, tinkling as of bells Ka kana an imitative sound, kanakana the ringing sound of unbroken earthen or metal vessels, bells, etcwhen struck with the knuckles, gana, ganagana, ganal, ganil imitative sound of the tinging of bells Tu ganily tinkling, gana turn a tinkling sound Te ganagana the ringing or tinkling of bells I Cf Turner, CDIAL, no Skt khanakhan3yate, etc Kol SR gander to prick, sar g to lodge, of a thorn Go SR gandfina, Y gand- W gaddinS, Ph gaddSna, G Mu Ma gad- to pierce, of a thorn, Tr gadddna to be embedded, of a thorn Voc ?


Kondt mlvl energy, stamina, 31 id. Cf Ma varikka. Cf Ta pSrl Ta para pimple pustule boil. Mand pucal a Pardhan man fern. To po S- only 2nd stem bark- ing deer barks Cf Ta. Sj39 sheath 62 1 shed 16 Sshed n Tu rourunl to tap toddy, murtfe -t- tt act of drawing toddy etc.

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary : supplement | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Mar [comet Ta. OMar Master rtiurad- ?

Go G huko, Mu hukka, hukkom. Mand pac- to pan festival any except funeral Go Ch. To pa I spark. Ct Pa pidka. Tu mudusunl to eat up, Ta muy -V- -nt- to end, consume Go Ma.

P nlog- -it- to nse, Su. Kuwi Su hunj- -It- to sleep, KMsh. Foe a Kuwi ram. Ch mug- to dive be drowned, muggup- to drown tr Gi P mulg- to be immersed Go LuS moodunda to sink in water Konda mupg- -R- to be drowned, sink niufk- -t- to dip in vesseldrown a person in a river Pe munj- munc- to be immersed, muc. S Spur seven marc Voc Ch op- OR- to waah hands, feet, etc. S,eyelash S, S, S, eyehd S S,of bam- boo, etc Si 14, Tr W askani to cut up, divide meat, A Ch Mu Ma ask- to cut meatcarve ask- is pi action of acc- Voc n Malt asye to chisel, [delete from ] 58 Kur acc thorn Malt acu idac- aero pnckly.


Ta a aku hen of fowl, peacock, etc Tu SrsSvunl to despise, disparage Te 3 pad l slander, disgrace Ko a rc- a rc- to make liquid cool, make to dry in heat To. Ma arey part of hue where bees and grubs live for Ms Kaup lrukkuka to collect taxes Kur erkhnS to be so much out of pocket, be fined, lose money, erkhta’Sna to make one so much the poorer, fine, extort, make disgorge Malt ergtre to force another to pay his debts.

S pun boilKo pundu wound Foe Konda pundu pi pu ku id.

S batlnal to call, S hatpu the callMah. Ka, hurl backbone, spine. Kuwi S oh’nal to mesh Kur ojjnd to sew, torch rogether ? Mand fl- to cry. Cf Ta n!