Bertrem’s Guide to the Age of Mortals: Everyday Life in Krynn of the Fifth Age (A Dragonlance(r) Novel) [Nancy Varian Berberick, Stan Brown, Paul B. Thompson] . Conundrum (Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals, #1), The Lioness (Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals, #2), Dark Thane (Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals, #3), Pr. Age of Mortals is a three-part story arc taking place after the War of Souls that will change the face of Ansalon with events that will affect both future games and.

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The Age of Mortals begins with the fallout from the Chaos War and the theft of the world by Takhisisand continues to the present. This history runs ca. The Dragon Overlords appear on Krynn.

Dalamar the Dark secretly moves the Tower of Mogtals to Nightlund before Khellendrosthe blue overlord, can attack it. Malystryxthe red overlord, kills thousands of kender at Kendermore before Riverwind distracts her; many of those kender near the destruction become afflicted kender. The Dragon Overlords learn how to absorb the spirits of slain dragons and the Dragon Purge begins. Sara Dunstan founds the Legion of Steel.

Goldmoon discovers the Power of the heart as Palin continues hunting for the new magic mentioned by Fizban, secretly Takhisis, in the Age of Despair. The green overlord Beryllinthranox attacks Qualinesti.

Dark Thane (Dragonlance : Age of Mortals, book 3) by Jeff Crook

Knights of Takhisis begin expanding out from Neraka as draconians form the nation of Teyr. Goldmoon founds the Citadel of Light on Schallsea. Silvanesti surrounds itself with a magical shield that prevents all entry. Gellidusthe white overlord, rules Southern Ergoth. More dragons control different territories of Ansalon. Dark mystics reinstitute the Vision for the Knights of Takhisis.

Takhisis makes her first appearance as the Shadow Sorcerer.

Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals Series

Beryl controls Qualinesti as Brynseldimerthe sea dragon overlord, terrorizes the Dimernesti. Palin disbands the Orders of High Sorcery. Beryl attempts to conquer Thorbardin and the dwarves seal their gates, but some dwarves follow Severus Stonehand in leaving the mountain.

Palin founds the Academy of Sorcery. Malys calls an end to the Dragon Purge. Severus cures Zhakar of a mold plague and restores its name of Thoradin. Minaa red-haired orphan girl, washes up on Schallsea and is raised at the Citadel of Light. The Heroes of the Heart bring hope to the people by killing Brynseldimer and thwarting Malys’s plans to ascend to godhood. The magics of sorcery and mysticism begin to fade.


Mina leaves the Citadel of Light.

Beryl’s forces apparently destroy the Academy of Sorcery, though Ulin Majere is the true source of the academy’s afe. Palin is captured and tortured by Beryl’s troops and later released. A great storm sweeps over Ansalon, beginning the War of Souls and calling to the dragons. Goldmoon’s body returns to its peak, much to her dismay.

Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals Series by Jeff Crook

Metallic dragons who try to answer the call are imprisoned by Takhisis. Goldmoon sees the spirits of the dead. The minotaur emperor Chot Es-Kalin is overthrown, and a new emperor drahonlance crowned with backing by the Forerunners. Out of the storm, Mina appears to rragonlance group of Knights of Neraka and proclaims her devotion to the One God.

She begins gathering an army. He is brought to Palin, and the pair travel to the Citadel of Light. Iyesta and Stenndunuusthe brass and blue dragonlords, are both slain by Abyssal Lance s. Beryl attacks the Citadel of Light, seeking Tasslehoff and the device, but he escapes with Palin. Goldmoon follows the river of spirits. Mina’s army penetrates the Silvanesti shield and enters Silvanesti. Cyan Bloodbanecreator of the shield, is killed and Silvanoshei uproots the Shield Treedestroying the fo.

Beryl’s death spasms level Qualinost and create Nalis Arenthe lake of death. Goldmoon follows the spirits to the Tower of Nightlund where she meets Mina, who reveals that Takhisis never abandoned the world gae exists as the One God. Drqgonlance dies, and Mina places her body within ae amber cocoon. Mina then confronts Khellendros, who mortally wounds himself as his breath weapon is turned back upon him.

Raistlin Majere uses Tasslehoff and his time-traveling device to form a link to Krynn so the other gods can return. The gods convene to determine Takhisis’s punishment for her treachery. Mina’s army capture Sanction, and Mina kills Malys with the aid of a Dragonlance and a death dragon.

A smitten Silvanoshei heads to Sanction after Mina, and Alhana leads the elves to Sanction to rescue her son.

As the elves are away, minotaurs attack and seize Silvanesti. Tasslehoff and his allies journey to the single moon and free the captured metallic dragons. Tasslehoff returns to his own time and dies, completing the link between the old Krynn and the new. As Takhisis prepares to enter Krynn, the gods strip her of her godhood. Paladine is stripped as well to maintain the balance. Takhisis prepares to kill Mina but is herself slain by the love-struck Silvanoshei. Mina kills Silvanoshei, gathers the body of Takhisis in her arms and promises to hunt down the elven race.


The War of Souls ends with the gods’ return to moetals world, and both clerical and wizardly magic return to the world. The single pale moon is replaced by dargonlance familiar triple moons and the old stars return to the sky, except the constellations of Paladine and Takhisis.

His attempts are thwarted by Dalamar, Jennaand the young Coryn, who reestablish High Sorcery in the world. Please use the form below to report an error or to add new information to this article. If possible, please provide a specific source, including the title and page number, to help dragonlancd verify the information. This article has been viewed 24, times. It was added on July 31,and was last modified on November 18, Information presented in the Dragonlance Lexicon has been independently researched by a team of volunteers, and original sources have been cited for each article.

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