hi guys,. here a link to directly open the Django Fakebook as a PDF, you obviously need Adobe Acrobat or other pdf reader. here is the. Django fakebook Django Reinhardt – Are You In The Mood – Paris, Django Reinhardt – Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schon. -J. C & T. M . I -W . FORM: A B B A C A. A.. E- 3. E-.

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It worked like a charm. Note that this removes the songs from existing setlists! Subscribe to this thread.

Events Major events especially for clarinetists. Bones on December Will let you know how it is.

django fakebook

June in Welcome. Check em out before you use em though a number have decidedly outside the box chords. Buco on December Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If you download all tunes from the forum you should have enough to go on for awhile. I could be WAY off base dkango, but wasn’t his music pretty esoteric, meaning that much of it was his own work and his guitar style was djanyo made it. I notated these bends by notating the note to be bent from usually, but not always.

django fakebook Download ( Pages)

I actually have been transposing even more stuff lately for Bb, as I recently got a Tenor sax, and now am playing that over my alto or clarinet. Welcome to our Community! Wim Glenn on December Your browser doesn’t support iframes, so you’re missing our banner. Part of my intent in doing this book was to expand the gypsy jazz repertoire, if not out there djanyo the gypsy jazz community, then at least in my own band!


When the alto man Gene joins alsowe are able to create the Bb and Eb version of the book???

Django Reinhardt I have one called ” Django Fakebook I admit that such a feature should be used with caution, it could ruin the entire library. Southern Telecom Streamachine ST13 I’ll transpose also a few others for you and send them back. Results 1 to 11 of Hi Friends – Looking for some of you fellow musicians who’ve used my Gypsy Jazz Songbooks to say a few words on camera for my new website.

I thought I had, but in fact I hadn’t. Please, no more than two at a time – ads removed after two weeks. Some small error corrections for firehouse csv coming soon.

It looks like you’re new here. Anybody seen that movie about his life, that came out a few months ago? So a lot of these charts are transcribed from the original recordings – often from multiple takes. Wish there were, Pete.

The Clarinet BBoard

Enter your email address or user name below and a new password will be sent to the email address associated with your profile. I use this one The time now is Notes about my importing process. TXT” file that was posted. Django Reinhardt I thought one of my friends mentioned having a program you scan into that will transpose for you I really look forward to future CSV uploads for other popular fakebooks.


I like playing with horn players, and having the melodies transposed sure would save me some pencil lead. Add Poll to this thread. Thanks for the feedback. Contacted a german site that was distributing the fakebook to ask for the original version sibeliusfinale or whatever but no response A lilypond ,sibelius or older finale version is also oke – then i transpose it. View a Printable Version. All times are GMT.

Go ahead and share with others for free. It is my understanding that sharing this book for educational purposes is legal. Django Reinhardt The group I jam with use a standard fake book of his tunes but its a struggle fakenook transpose on the fly.

This is a silly question, but you put the. Instruments Retailers and manufacturers of clarinets, both modern and early replica. Wonderful books, but pretty difficult to adapt to mandolin althought the practice CDs are priceless!

One of the best Dupont Busatos we’ve ever had Screen Shot at One owner, pre-war style, rare bubble maple in breathtaking condition! Fwkebook French only huh Had me thinking of Sjango Grappelli’s charts rather than D’Jango’sthough I dont think he had to read a thing.