Discworld Roleplaying Game [Steve Jackson Games] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best-selling works of Terry Pratchett chronicle. The Discworld Roleplaying Game, powered by GURPS, promises exciting roleplaying adventures inspired by one of the great storytellers of the. For the first time since the first time, we’re getting a new edition of the Discworld RPG. GURPS. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a very.

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It includes the material from the previous edition of the game and its supplement, Discworld Also — all of it updated to reflect the events of the Discworld novels released since then, as well as the rules of GURPS Fourth Edition. That last part is a direct reference to an event from one of the novels, Men-at-Arms, when a troll constable of the Night Watch gets locked in a freezer and begins to understand the very meaning of existence. Surf our site for the files you want.

It rests on the back of four giant elephants, who in discwoeld stand on the back of great A’Tuin, the only turtle to form the basis of an entire branch of astrophysics. There’s a lot of unusual stuff on the Disc, but don’t worry about getting lost — game author Phil Masters has crafted a roadmap to Pratchett-inspired storytelling.


Sean Punch pages. Intervene in the cultural interactions of trolls and dwarves but watch out for flying axes. By changing the name gursp adding the “Powered by GURPS ” logo, we’re making it even clearer than before that this is a complete roleplaying game. It is still kicking around—as evidenced by the latest release from Steve Jackson games, which we just got our hands on.

Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

Download a Discworld Banner for your web site. To say the least.

Discworld Role-Playing Game (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

What more do you need to know? Events on the Discworld have been chronicled in the best-selling works of Terry Pratchett.

Discworld has been around almost as long as pen and paper RPGs. This included revised and sometimes abbreviated versions of much of furps setting and scenario material that first appeared in Discworld Also. In warm conditions you suffer -1 to IQ. These books describe themselves as “officially unofficial”, meaning that while they are a licensed product written in consultation with Sir Terry, he reserved the right to contradict them in the novels if he had a better idea.

GURPS Discworld – Wikipedia

This material was subsequently made freely available on Steve Jackson Games’ Web site. Visit settings like the most dubious city in the multiverse, Ankh-Morpork. As such, they can be considered Word of St. GURPS as a system is not without its problems. Campaign for goblin rights.


But, full disclosure, I love the Discworld novels. Privacy Policy Contact Us. It handles modern adventures much better than d20 ever did, to say nothing of crazy spy stuff, dystopian cyberscapes, or the aforementioned wizard-mechs.

Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games!

GURPS Discworld

Even the sample character creation, Jemzarkia of Krull is laden down with things like Highheeled Heroine and Reputation Cool enchantress. Especially since this second edition has updated the lore to include all the latest books, including Unseen Academicals, THUD!

Obviously there are exceptions. You need no other books to play. With flaws like Delusion Spelling My Name Backwards Disguises It Perfectly available for Vampires, or the ability to play as an arcane automata—the book is no stranger to the levity that characterizes the Discworld. And that I should also explain what the book is, and why I like it. You need no other books to play.

Based on the bestselling novels by Sir Terry Pratchettwho is easily one of the greatest writers of all time.