not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful . This is the GE Digia II User Manual for models Digia , Digia , and. 9 matches not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. You are cautioned that. DIGIA II pdf manual download. NTSC format. Per channel (average). D1. Digia fps. Digia 3 fps. Digia 1 fps Digia Digia .

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Rev D July The information in this document is subject to janual without notice. For the latest documentation, contact your local supplier or visit us online at This publication may contain examples of screen captures and reports used in daily operations.

Examples may include fictitious names of individuals and companies. Any similarity to names and addresses of actual businesses or persons is entirely coincidental. Other trade names used in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the manufacturers or vendors of the respective products.

Use this product only for the purpose it was designed for; refer to the data sheet and user documentation. For the latest product information, contact your local supplier or digia204-1660 us online at.

GE DIGIA II Brochure (Page 2 of 2)

This document details the specifications for specific digital video recorders DVRs compatible with all MASvideo versions. There is also information describing how to contact technical support if you have questions or concerns.

To use this document effectively, you should have the following minimum qualifications: The most current versions of this and related documentation may be found on MAStech. Conventions used in this document The following conventions are used in this document: Bold Italic Menu items and buttons.

Emphasis of an instruction or point; special terms. File names, path names, windows, panes, tabs, fields, variables, and other GUI elements.

Titles of books and various documents. Blue italic Monospace Electronic version. Hyperlinks to cross-references, related topics, and URL addresses. Text that displays on the computer screen.

Programming or coding sequences. Safety terms and symbols These terms may appear in this manual: Digia024-160 identify important conditions or practices that may have serious implications that affect how the software functions. New hardware from other vendors may require updated SDKs. Windows XP x86 Table 1. Contact the vendor to get the new plugins and support.

  AEG AR 4023 PDF

Entering 0,1,1 in the MASvideo Connect field sets the audio channels to 1, 1 output, input. The MASvideo Connect for Bosch devices is not mandatory but this option speeds up the connection process and success rate. We recommend you leave this field blank if you do not know the exact device type. In case the video stream freezes after starting the playback, disable SmoothReverse by setting the disablesmoothreverse option to true in the MASvideoBoschPlugin. This integration requires the Bosch SDK to be installed.

Windows XP x86 Table 5. For example, enter instead of the analog camera number 6. Windows XP x86 Table 7. Contact the vendor to get new plug-ins and support. Windows XP x86 Table 9. Scati site or system Values. Version Supported operating sytems: These integrations have not been tested on Windows versions newer than Windows XP and may not work with newer equipment from respective vendors.

Scati site or system Values default. High bandwidth mode and uses UDP stream. This mode requires you to pass the destination multicast address. Low bandwidth mode and uses TCP stream. This mode is deprecated. High bandwidth mode and uses TCP stream. This mode is only applicable to SymDec16 and SymSafe models. Low bandwidth mode and requests i-frames.

VisioWave site or system Values Visio. The MASterMind integration requires these defaults. Table 24 describes how these ports must be configured. March R5 Table Honeywell RapidEye Multi-Media 7. Support contact information Helpdesk i-support e-service Description MAS support personnel are dedicated to providing timely worldwide assistance in all product areas.

Our help desks are available Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, between MAS provides this Internet-based service, where you can both submit new inquires and monitor the status of existing inquires.

You must obtain a username and password to use i-support by ing us at the address below. MAS provides customers the means to in a new issue directly to the Support Desk. The should include the product name, details of the problem, contact name, and phone number. When the is received by our system, it will then automatically generate a support ticket.

If you need to register for this service, send your request to: After you register, access i-support via our website. Send inquiries directly to the helpdesk at: Please have your customer number available before contacting the Helpdesk. Once registered, access MAStech via our web site: For more information about our training, contact our Training Department by clicking here or calling us at. This document may not be copied. GE Security Facility Commander 2. This document may not be copied in whole or in part.


It provides the functionalities of live view, playback, log management, and configuration, etc. This instruction is written.

schwinn pumps user guide

This document may not be copied in. This license-free video management. This document may not be copied or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, except as specifically. Trademarks and patents Contact information The TruVision name. Trademarks and patents Interlogix, TruVision brand and logo. A simple and reliable, plug-and-play video surveillance system for hotels, shops, banks. Central Monitoring System Software Mobile Digiw204-160 Support A state-of-the-art feature of this DVR device is transmitting live feed from the CCTV cameras to your mobile phone, so that you can have on the go access to your surveillance system.

This setup guide is designed to be a reference tool. This quick start guide will help you become familiar with our DVR in a very short time.

MASvideo DVR Specifications Reference Manual

This document explains the different parts of software in Milestone. Instruction for IE network monitor This system features a built-in browser-based software that allows you to access your system remotely over your local area network LAN or over the Internet WAN using.

The ability to remotely view security cameras is one of the most useful features of your EZWatch Pro system. It provides the ability. User s Manual v1. All rights are reserved. ACTi Corporation reserves the right to make. These instructions supplement the manufacturer s installation.

Item Android iphone ipad Phone OS 2. Contents 3 Contents 1 1 Introduction Installing an Omnicast System Omnicast version 3. Notice Keynote DeviceAnywhere. Package Content Optiview H. Make sure the Optiview H. Remove all items from the box and make sure the box contains the following. There are two versions of the Digi imobile Touch app: Digua204-160 of Contents Chapter1. Unless expressly granted in writing, no license is granted with respect. Built on a universal software.

It complies with USB 1.