View presentations and documents with title Difusion on SlideShare, the world’s largest Explica el proceso de Difusion, Osmosis y Dialisis en la celula. En la actualidad estamos asistiendo al auge de técnicas de diálisis en las que predomina el principio de convección sobre el de difusión y el debate que se. Contribuciones a la difusión de gases, líquidos, coloides, diálisis y osmosis Keywords. colloids. dialysis. diffusion. effusion. occlusion of gases. osmosis.

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A critical review of the literature.

Thermal effects of different dialysis techniques and blood pump speeds: Biochemical mechanisms involved in blood-hemodialysis membrane interactions.

Plasma levels of advanced glycation end products during haemodialysis, haemodiafiltration and haemofiltration: Predilution haemofiltration-the Second Sardinian Multicentre Study: Am J Nephrol ; Effects on nutritional status, microinflammation, and beta2-microglobulin.

A prospective clinical study. Clinical improvement by increased frequency of on-line hemodiafiltration.

A novel bio-assay increases the detection yield of microbiological impurity of dialysis fluid, in comparison to the LAL-test. Ledebo I, Ronco C. Transmembrane pressure modulation in high-volume mixed hemodiafiltration to optimize efficiency and minimize protein loss.


Results from an international survey among nephrology professionals.

Dialisis, osmosis y difusion by laura obregon on Prezi

On-line hemodiafiltration in Southeast Asia: Relative importance of residual function and convection in determining betamicroglobulin levels in high-flux haemodialysis and on-line haemodiafiltration.

Post-dilution haemodafiltration and low-flux haemodialysis have dissimilar effects on platelets: Increased binding of beta2-microglobulin to blood cells in dialysis patients treated with high-flux dialyzers compared with low-flux membranes contributed to reduced beta2-microglobulin concentrations. No ismosis of hemodiafiltration over hemodialysis in lowering elevated levels of asymmetric dimethylarginine in ESRD patients. The effect of membrane biocompatibility on plasma beta2-microglobulin levels in chronic hemodialysis patients.


On-line hemodiafiltration does not offer clinical advantages in hemodialysis patients under strict volume control. Hay dos ejemplos sobre la importancia del grupo control: Effects of different membranes and dialysis technologies on patient treatment tolerance and nutritional parameters. A prospective cross-over study.

Difusión, ósmosis y diálisis by Sandra Jaramillo on Prezi

The role of improved water quality on inflammatory markers in patients undergoing regular dialysis. Effect of high-flux dialysis on the anaemia of haemodialysis patients. Am J Kidney Dis ; Ther Apher Dial ;8: Bacterial DNA in water and dialysate: Long-term experience dirusion an ultrapure individual dialysis fluid with a batch type machine. Matsuhashi N, Yoshioka T. Ultrapure dialysate has beneficial effects on beta2-microglobulin, hematocrit and serum albumin.


On-line haemodiafiltration with high volume substitution fluid: C-reactive protein in patients on chronic hemodialysis with different techniques and different membranes.

Mortality risk for patients receiving hemodiafiltration versus hemodialysis.

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Serum betamicroglobulin levels predict mortality in dialysis patients: Cytokine induction in patients undergoing regular online hemodiafiltration treatment. En la tabla 1 se presentan las conclusiones de 47 estudios comparativos.

Nephrol Dial Transplant ; Comparison between hemofiltration and hemodiafiltration in a long-term prospective cross-over study.

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