The classic of child therapy. Dibs will not talk. He will not play. He has locked himself in a very special prison. And he is alone. This is the true. Wonderful. User Review – Suzanne S. – Borders. I love this book, I have read it 3 or 4 times in the 10 years since I first got it. I am always glued to it when I pick it. Virginia Mae Axline () Dibs in search of self: personality development in play therapy Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Virginia Axline.

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Helping the other person feel secure in a relationship empowers them to make decisions for themselves. Respect and dignity need to be offered to everyone involved in the relational dynamics of pastoral encounters.

It was wonderful to see a boy emerging so rapidly.

This is a very interesting account of Axline’s experience doing play therapy with a 5 year old boy and was a quick read. The story of Dibs also reinforces the evidence that children have the capacity to self-heal if they are provided with an environment in which that self-healing can take place Clarke and Clarke, However, I enjoyed this book and would still recommend it to others who are interested in child and play therapy.

Dibs in Search of Self is a book by clinical psychologist and author Virginia Axline published in Learn how your comment data is processed.

The story is unusually engaging in part because Dibs himself is an extraordinary human being, not only a mistreated innocent, but a genius whose precocious verbatim words are amazingly accurate and heartbreakingly expressive of his shifting thoughts and feelings in the various stages of therapy. Dibs reminded me of my autistic son who has demonstrated several similar or identical behaviors. Dibs’ reaction to run inside himself and lock himself up securely, away from the world of people, away from hurt and loneliness, can very well be understood.

Axline’s book is basically a therapeutic narrative and, so, read very qui Being a psychology major at Union Theological Seminary in New York I had to take development courses. She had asked whether he would like to take his hat and xelf off and he had agreed but had done nothing about it.

‘Dibs in Search of Self’ by Virginia Mae Axline

Although it’s an old book, the story of Dibs was timeless to me in many ways. We must avoid letting the other person shirk responsibility for their own lives and decision-making. His powers of speech are limited and he fights i scratches.


Sometimes he had appeared mentally retarded and sometimes intelligent. In Chapter 19 she recounts how Dibs had asked if he could record something on the tape-recorder and had recorded a monologue about his behaviour at school corresponding to the account given by the teachers and then one about telling off his father and sending him to his room where he had screamed. I read this book initially about 37 years ago and it stuck with me and I never forgot it and didn’t know it’s significance but did know that there was a significance even at the age of 13 years old.

Dibs in Search of Self by Virginia M. Axline

Eventually he had asked for help to take things off but had dropped them on the floor, so she had put them on a hook. Return to Book Page. See all books by Virginia M. And his parents, despite their prior mistakes, made an effort to look into themselves, identify their mistakes and redeem their bonds with the child. As a former teacher-turned-editor, who read DIBS many ax,ine before even coming to work here at Ballantine, I feel very connected to this book.

A colleague lent me this book after I expressed some doubt about my ability to provide therapy for children as a clinical counseling intern who has only worked with adults.

Dibs in Search of Self

Jun 12, Rachael Quinn rated it really liked it. This is a book for graduate students in child psychology.

searfh Jun 12, Pages Buy. Residential care can take advantage of this possibility if the child goes home regularly, for example at weekends or on the way home from school Berridge, Initially with other children whom he scratched, ch.

I can’t really say much more about it because I’ll end up sounding American and all that jazz!! In Chapter 17 she recounts how his mother had visited the next day to say thank you axlime report all the improvements in Dibs.

Dibs begins to freely express his negative feelings, particularly towards his father, who ignores him, and frequently plays with burying a father doll in the sand pit in the play room.

Virginia Mae Axline Dibs in search of self: By pointing out the feelings behind the words gives the other person permission for themselves to deal with those emotions that are linked to the issue they are describing. Virginia Axline is another play therapy pioneer who adopted the non-directive methods of play and guided herself from the phenomenological personality theories of Carl Rogers.

I love the story of how a loving and caring teacher searc therapist, or whatever she was was able to reach inside axlone Dibs a I first read this when I was pretty young recommended by my motherand a few times since then. His relationship with his grandmother eearch a special link for Dibs ch. But then i found out that I was not afraid anymore. There were a number of factors that made me believe that this couldn’t be a true account. Feb 09, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: Axline’s therapy demonstrates that uninhibited, judgment-free expression helps children get more in-tune with themselves, and it is vital for kids to have such an opportunity every once in a while.


She spends a lot of time making very clear that Dibs is not intellectually disabled. Axline By Virginia M.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Then, something in therapy helped him to change his ways and conform to his parents expectations ironic since diibs they seem to be trying to do is get him to express and accept himself – and so Dibs submits and his parents begin to axllne him and everyone lives happily ever after– but how could Dibs not see or be plagued by the fact that sexrch parents’ love was clearly conditional and precarious?

Her immense faith in children and her simple, yet profound philosophy that children need not be restrained and pushed into rigid boundaries is quite a lesson for all on us. Oct 20, Sally rated it really liked it. The provision of an alternative caring environment in which they could establish a fresh secure relationship with an adult gave them the capacity to re-engage with their own mothers which then enabled them to make a fresh start with them. There o also a puzzling insinuation that Dibs had to be “fixed” before his family was willing to love him and once he did, they all stepped in to line.

Every child is born different. Despite their wealth and snobbery I give them the benefit of the doubt because I have been overwhelmed before and I KNOW a thing or two about autism. Victor Gollancz Originally published Summerhill: I don’t know if it was just a different era the book was published in or perhaps this was a particularly progressive private school, but I wish Kindergarten were still like that today.