Modular Root-Canal Treatment Instrument Dentaport ZX. By attaching modules to the Root ZX Module as an apex locator, the dentist can prepare canals and. Says Dr Koe Ean Ong, Laser Dentistry, Casuarina, NT: “I use the DentaPort ZX for all my endo work. It has solved a lot of my endo problems.”. The purpose of this in vivo study was to compare the accuracy of two EALs: the Dentaport ZX and the Raypex 6. Material and Methods: The study involved

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A strong correlation was seen between the two electronic methods and AL and also in between the two EALs, showing the possibility of their use to measure the root canal eentaport.

Conflict of interest statement: Two operators together marked the major foramen the most coronal border of the major foramen.

Apical limit of root canal instrumentation and obturation, part 2. Furthermore, the distance between the instrument and the major foramen was measured after longitudinal wear that had been performed on the apical portion of the root 14 – 171920because it reduces the number of variables involved and enables a more accurate calculation of the distance between the file and the major foramen The correct determination of the WL is a key factor for successful root canal treatment, because it reduces the possibility of insufficient debridement of the canal or dentapoort to the periapical tissues due to over-instrumentation 2 – 4.

GC Gold Label 1 35g. The position and topography of the apical canal constriction and apical foramen. Evaluation of the accuracy of electronic apex locators Dentaport ZX and Ray Pex 4 under clinical conditions.


Very small torque values for the torque limitation can be set by means of this function. The apex locator, the base module of the DentaPort ZX is characterized by the following features: However, there are problems with adopting this particular limit. When detecting the major foramen, the Dentaport ZX was accurate Close You must be logged in to manage your zs.

An in vitro study.


The Dentaport ZX was accurate Reliability eentaport root ZX apex locator tested by an in vitro model. Several automatic control functions ensure safe and comfortable treatment. While showing the file position on the display and using 5 automatic control functions, the handpiece allows preparing root canals with accuracy and precision up to any desired point inside the canal – and minimizes file jamming and breakage.

Auto Torque Slow Down Function.

DentaPort Root ZX | MORITA

The accuracy of the measurement is dentxport affected by blood, sodium hypochlorite, water, local anaesthetic and even pulp. Existing devices always can be upgraded with the OTR function. In each case, it was important that the composite pattern could be repositioned in the same location over the respective tooth. The position and topography of the apical canal constriction and apical foramen.

LCD color display Dimensions mm: This high-performance module shows you all parameters clearly on a large display… Read more. Be the first to write your review! Open in a separate window.

Folia Med Plovdiv ; The respective position of the file is shown on the display while… Read more. Dentaport ZX offers 11 torque levels and 8 speed ranges, up to rpm, as well as 4 different safety functions.


This prevents excessive instrumentation and apex perforation. The apical portion of the root was trimmed longitudinally using a fine diamond bur Gebr. Inconsistent measurements in laboratory studies that have evaluated EALs may be explained by procedural errors, by bias that results from the inaccurate adjustment of the stopper to the reference point, or by movement of the stopper during the measurement procedure 18 – Clinical accuracy of a new apex locator with an automatic compensation circuit.

Experimental study on iontophoresis.

Clinical accuracy of a new apex locator with an automatic compensation circuit. An evaluation of root ZX and iPex apex locators: You can rely on the integrated safety system: With its light and simultaneously sturdy housing, the successor to the legendary Root ZX is arguably the best-selling apex locator worldwide — and its excellent references dentaporrt further proof of its high quality.

Evaluation of Dentaport ZX and Raypex 6 electronic apex locators: An in vivo study

This increases the safety in the critical apical area. Glossary of Endodontic Terms. And the automatic safety functions are activated as soon as file rotation gets close to the individually set torque limits or the reference point.

Brasseler, Lemgo, Germany while being visualized using a microscope D.

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