Buy The Revised and Expanded Decktet Book by P.D. Magnus (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details. I am pleased to announce the release of the Revised and Expanded Decktet Book. The book is a curated guide to the Decktet. It includes the. This is a guide to the Decktet which appear in the recently released Revised and Expanded Decktet Book. There are twice as many games as.

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Magnus, the author of the deck, gathered his strength and Publisher the first Decktet book ever.

It includes over one hundred original and historical illustrations. You can order it directly from its author for ten dollars plus shipping in a professionally printed version from the official website http: GeekGold Bonus for All Boo, at year’s end: Create account or Sign in.

Review: Decket – a magical deck of cards

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The Decktet Book

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Your forehand is going to be unpredictable anyway, so this way you can really control the backhand. It plays kind of like rummy in which you need to gather specific suits into sets. If you need assistance with an order or the publishing process, please contact our support team directly.

Big Game Theory!: For the Love of the Decktet

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The book combines text and rules that had previouly been available from disparate places with new material, presenting them together in bookk unified way.


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Decktet | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

But the whole deck is nicely balanced, because each color is written exactly on ten cards. Played once with 2 and once with 3. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Boook Game Designers Forum.

Your digital signature is as legally deckteh as a physical signature. It was written by P. Very nice two-player game. It takes the ‘follow either suit’ mechanic used in Ace Trump, but controls the chaos with several nice mechanics: The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Magnus for beginners review. It includes over one hundred original and historical illustrations.

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