Buy Balzac y la joven costurera china by DAI SIJIE (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Buy Balzac y La Joven Costurera China by Dai Sijie (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Balzac y la joven costurera china has ratings and reviews. Shelley said: This story is cute, kind of odd, and without much plot or character.

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First of all, it is not This surprisingly popular book is, plainly speaking, disgusting, and not just because the main villian turns out to be Balzac and similar books, which need to be burned. Basically they just found some dirty French books and liked them. He wants a better version of her, one that he creates. Only a short story, not bad but not exciting either. Preview — Balzac y la joven costurera china by Dai Sijie.

The end let me deeply unsatifistied.

Balzac y la joven costurera china – Dai Sijie – Google Books

View all 4 comments. Two teenaged boys are sent to the mountains during the Cultural Revolution to be “re-educated,” meaning “turned into peasants,” because their parents are well-educated and considered bourgeois elite. It’s a cheerful enough story, given the subject matter, and apart from some yucky details of the village life, there is nothing tragic or revolting about the life of the protagonists.

However, I disapprove of abandoning characters after they have outlived their uses. There’s not much to really say, except that it’s about these two teen friends who have to be “reeducated” but the reeducation doesn’t seem serious as Well that was disappointing. Also, the narrator only tells the story from his point of view, which makes it difficult to understand Luo’s position completely.

It was about books and the seamstress girl – and when that story ended, so did the book. For instance, at one point during the story the narrator works in a coal mine, and he mentions that this brief job would cause many long-lasting ill effects, but he doesn’t say what these are. Given the shortness of the story it’s difficult to take sides.


Which I guess makes me realize that Sijie seemed so concerned with showing off his erudition that he got too lazy to flesh out the characters or plot. The small village on Phoenix mountain feels like a prison to the boys, their only distraction being the narrator’s violin and the local tailor’s beautiful daughter. This was in fact just one-third of the book. But i had to skim the parts about The Count of Monte Cristo because i’m planning on reading it later on and it almost ruined it for me.

Trivia About Balzac and the Li It recounts the story of a pair of friends who become good friends with a local seamstress while spending time in a countryside village, where they have been sent for ‘re-education’ during the Cultural Revolution see Down to the Countryside Movement.

This is kind of a mild Shakespeare tragedy, Chinese-style. Costurer to make the little seamstress a more educated young woman, Luo reads some of the stories to her, not knowing that he will change her life forever.

Balzac y la joven costurera china by Dai Sijie (2 star ratings)

Published June halzac by Salamandra first published Cihna also wrote and directed an adaptation of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, released in I have this book for about a year ,but, i haven’t read it yet because i watched the movie first something i rarely do,by the way the movie was terrific!? What I felt was insincerity, mostly. Ho trovato i personaggi freddi, nessuna empatia con loro, non sono riuscita ad affezionarmi. All i can conclude with is that the story was lacking in emotion and at some times pointless.

I could not connect or sympathize completely with the characters, and in that the story was ruined for me. He just loves her. It ended a lot different to what I expected, and I believe there could’ve been a lot more details balza into the narrative to make the book more interesting. We get some hints that nebbish boy feels he had somehow been cihna of a betrayal, but not enough. I loved the premise. And here I’ve finally gotten to it because it’s short and I’m disappointed.


They hide their treasure, the forbidden books, together, they steal them together or work in the fields together.

Balzac y la joven costurera china

I mean, there IS a lot, of course, the whole reeducation thing is horrible, but somehow I didn’t feel it. Want to Read saving….

He himself became a skilled tailor. Dai Sijie’s first novel tells the story about two teenage boys sent to the mountains in China for “re-education” under the Maoist regime. It reads more like a parable or chhina short story than a novel.

It recounts the travels of a Chinese man whose philosophy has been influenced by French psychoanalyst thought.

It’s the time of Mao’s infamous Cultural Revolution and the two boys are guilty of being sons of doctors. The little seamstress is present, but to me more as a side note and not the actual center of the story. I had a dream about this book yesterday, when I was about one-third in: All in all, it was a rather lackluster book that kept making me want to doze off and wonder when the whole point of the novel would show up.

The Little Balzca is their love interest, a daught I had a costruera about this book yesterday, when I was about one-third in: So the boys have been reeducated?